Attacker of 97 yr old veteran escapes jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 22, 2007.

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    This is the most despicable thing I have read about in some time.

    Does anyone know where the proceedings are likely to be published, the likelihood of an appeal by the crown prosecution service, and any means by which a third party can complain about the leniency of this judgement either to government or to a professional organisation?

  2. Joined up government? :roll:

    How long until this person is before the bench again, with more blood on his hands? :roll:
  3. would you expect anything less from a farcicle judicial system?
  4. Ask Iolis, he knows everything legal.

    Expect this sort of thing to become the norm as the demographic shifts to an older population. Pensioners thrown off buses . . punched on trams . . there doesn't seem to be the same respect for age any more. An effect of an overwhelming yoof culture in the media perhaps?
  5. thats not on but i suppose thats what this country is coming to these days
    write to the Attorney General Baroness Scotland, 20 Victoria Street
    London SW1H 0NF
  7. Why bother ? It seems the wish of the general public hold no interest to those who have positions of power.

    Just my Two pence worth.
  8. do you bother voting :roll: If a member of the public writes to the AG she HAS to get the papers and consider whether to refer the sentence to the Court of Appeal
  9. I have emailed the AG and asked that the case be reviewed and a more suitable sentence imposed
  10. thing that bothers me here, it happened on a CROWDED tram? WTF was everone doing? standing by and letting a pensioner get punched, the scumbag wasn't detained at the scene? why not?
  11. I just posted on another thread that I am considering retiring abroad. Gave the reasons as tax, living expenses and climate here.

    When I heard this story earlier on the radio I realised that the reasons I gave were rubbish ... the reason I want to leave is because my country makes me weep.

    I am deeply ashamed of the way crime is unpunished, the elderly victimised and our servicemen left to rot.
  12. From the story:

    Maybe there's hope yet.
  13. Here we go again, venting our spleens and expressing our disgust with no regard to the fact we know fcuk all about the case other than the smallest of details. These types of threads are becoming as boring as jumping on the band wagon RIP condolence fest!

    Well, someone had to say that beofre the pc brigade jumped in, personally I believe in 9 milimeters of justice to the back of the neck for this sort of scroat.
  14. I think it all happened rather quickly.

    Well done for the two school children. They did the right thing.
  15. I'm full of admiration for the two school kids who chased and then gave evidence against this scumbag.