Attacked serviceman tells of ordeal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by krrc, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. Attacked serviceman tells of ordeal

  2. Scumbags, if he was inf that would have ended his career with a plate in his leg yea? Not going to be long before they do this to the wrong person and they get put in hospital telling of their ordeal "it was just a jooke mayte, we wa jus messin n thatt" cnuts!
  3. There was a case in the late seventies, possibly early eighties of a REME Cpl being attacked outside Reading station by yobs. He was in blues as he had been to a wedding and the scumbags launched a mass attack. After he had beaten six shades of sh1t out of them, he then gave emergency first aid to one who was about to cark it, saving his life. He gave a statement to the TVP before continuing his journey Hereford.
  4. Three failed abortions attacked a pensioner in Hyde Park once. He explained to the police, as he helped load them into the ambulance, that he never forgot his training as a Royal Marine unarmed combat instructor.
  5. Is there not some form of slecial law to protect soldiers in uniform. Kinda like how attacking a copper or worse than anyone else?
    Because if there isnt, there bloody well should be.
  6. In the late 80s, a cpl, a slop jockey and my good self were set upon by some unruly locals in the North of England. They got a fair kicking for their troubles, after which the Hooly van screeched up. The offenders were piled in back and carted off to the nic, and we were given a lift back to camp in the front. Next morning, we were picked up again and gave statements over tea and toast, and much jolly chatter. They were the Mary Hopkin. Wouldn't happen today. My nephew threw one punch, in and was nicked, missing deployment with his unit on Telic1.
  7. ... and IF they will get caught (which is very unlikely), what is going to happen to them? Will they be told not to do it again?
  8. What happens if they are found?

    Nothing. A couple of paltry sentances perhaps, a hand wringer telling us all it is societies fault that these feral scum have become feral scum. And perhaps how a holiday to Kenya to find themselves might help them.

    The Crab should count himself lucky he has ended up in hospital with a plate in the leg. I shudder to think what might have happened had he been able to stand up to them and possibley gave one a slap!!!! Then he would be the one standing in the dock for having the audacity to be an up standing and useful member of this countries (so called) society and to attempt to defend himself.
  9. One of the youths is about 5ft 6in, of medium build

    One on one, who wouldn't fancy some vigilanteism?
  10. Bit of an oxymoron. These scum didn't have the balls to go one on one, so I would feel quite justified being 1 of 50... on 1. Pitch forks optional.

    As long as a got a few digs in.
  11. It may be an urban myth but I hope the story is true - A bunch of yobs started taking the micky out of three oriental looking gentlemen walking along the river bank at Windsor ( in smart trousers and blazers). Some moments later the yobs were swimming.

    Don't annoy the Gurkhas....

  12. A commando carrier visited New York. Millions of briefings about how dangerous the place was. There was, in four or five days, one dangerous incident. A lone 'bootie' was wandering back to the ship when he was attacked. One attacker had an arm broken, one was knocked out and the third was held in a particularly painful grip until the NYPD arrived.
    The stupid yankees picked on the Commando senior PTI.
    The captain of the police precinct visited the ship to thank the 'English marine' for his actions.
    In this country today he would have been locked up, tried and convicted and sacked from the Royal Marines and then sued by the filth he had disarmed.
  13. sold. wait for the police to pull their finger out, catch em, hand the to the beak who will give them community based sentences at which point perhaps they deserve the correct sentence being handed out by crab and chums? I hope they fucking cripple the little bastards and the parents.