Attacked by animals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wings, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Have you ever been attacked by a wild or tame animal and got the scars to prove it? I got chomped by a dog years ago which has left me with some unusual indentations on my leg. Standing by for "does the wife count?"
  2. My dad used to have chickens on an allotment which I had to feed when he went on holiday, he had a rooster that attacked me once when I went into the pen, it took two chunks out of my leg and one out of my arm before I managed to get out. I've still got the marks.

    About a month later it did the same thing to my dad, he rung its neck and threw it on the fire.

    The rooster should have learned to pick its battles more carefully.

    He who laughs last.
  3. A stray cat once shot me a dirty look.Does that count?
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yeah I got bitten on the face by an alsation made a bit of a mess still got the scars but they so faint most people dont notice them.

    The dog belonged to my grandparents and they didn't put it down, which in hind sight was good as it gave me ten years to get even with the dog which lived to the ripe old age of 22.
  5. My dog gave me a kicking last week, years of stroking his colon must have taken there toll.

    He now walks around like the provebial dog with two c0cks.
  6. I left my bike in the shed for about 3 months when I lived in JHQ and a rat chewed the tyres and made a nest out of them, does that count as well.

    I still have not replaced the tyres.
  7. I got sh1t on by a seagull
  8. Apparently this bloke had a skight disagreement with a bull. I have it on good authority that injuries like this "sting a little"

  9. Same here, still haven't washed it off though.
  10. I too am a victim of the dirty winged rats, the cnut got me right on the forehead.
  11. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I got biten by loads of mosquitoes while on exercise. They are wild, so would that count.
  12. This was a proper Luftwaffe seagull heard the siren as he dive bombed me
  13. I got savaged by a badger while on Ex on Salisbury Plain. Little bastard got me in the middle of a CTR, ripped my combats and half-tore the sole off my boot. Went back and stuffed a smoke grenade down its set, just to teach it a lesson.

    Tough love. It's the only language they understand.
  14. Alsation in someones front garden. I walked past, it followed me barking, went for me so I ran? It was dumb.
  15. Shark bite on right hand!!

    beat that!

    7 inch gash, but enough about her, my hand got put back together and works pretty well apart from the little finger sticking out, oh and by shark i mean a glass wall and 11 hours of drink. Does that still count?