Attack on police station in Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Craaazzzy!,2763,1513540,00.html

  2. Good drills by the machine gunner.

    remeniscent of mirbat anyone?
  3. A few more 'victories' like this and the
  4. So just a rag-tag bunch of terrorists and insurgents then? Has anyone in command openly speculated we are fighting the Continuity Iraqi Army here?
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I guess the amount of air cover available has reduced significantly in the last 2 years.....there were swarms of Marine Cobra Whiskies around back then ..or was it deemed too risky for rotary wing assets ? Sandstorm ?

    A TWO hour siege ?

    Cheap shot I know....but I hope it wasn't because there were no American lives in danger.....reassure me.....

    Le Chevre
  6. Have a read of this. Near-identical assault on Abu Ghraib jail a month before. Diversions/delaying actions, indirect fire, assault, three VBIEDs, then everyone broke contact and left after 30mins. So - where does the 1st Battalion, Baghdad Regiment, New-Old Iraqi Army go on the 20th of June?
  7. Lets just say that that amount of organisation and planning (see the stopping force) must have come from a military background. Not even the best terrorists have that much experience...
  8. That makes for interesting reading.

    Is this not exactly what the coalition (Esp the spams) want, as it's the type of warfare that we excel at? The yanks will simply resort to their technological and firepower advantages.

    Or will it be a case that the insurgents will continue attacking in large numbers before withdrawing in short order before the yanks can bring their advantages to bear on the enemy?
  9. Goatman I'll go for your cheap shot. One distressing thing about the US, Their lives matter.
  10. Note that this IS an article from that bastion of "Liberalism"; the Guardian.
    They are unlikely to publish something that fails to meet their audiences' preconceptions.
  11. Absolutely Oddbod,

    So this attack has been dressed up for the readership , and is not a carbon copy of the attack on the station at Ramallah ?

    Mind you, there they didn't use suicide bombers , but they did use Mortars , cut-offs , diversions , Infantry style assaults under Machine guns etc. They trashed the place so fast that the US QRF was still getting organised when they bugged.

    There was an ambush on the Airport road some time back. Convoy ambushed, gets into ARD , and screams for the QRF . QRF comes bowling down the highway to be ambushed 2 miles out by the cut-offs.

    No oddbod, I don't think the Guardian are larging the insurgents for their readership , I think some of the former Iraqi Army have taken up tools again , and I think they are using stupid hothead Islamic extremists as the suicide bombers, and why not?

    Baathists are no great lovers of Islamic extremists . So why not allow one to meet the perfumed virgins, if it's going to help in your attacks?

    We need to get hold of the nominal roll for the former Iraqi Army quickly. We also need to find out how many of these individuals, were trained at the School of Heroes in the UK or the US , and we need to pull them in for a chat.

    The comment was made before Granby by a UK Air Commander, that the Iraqi Air Force had had people come through our system. He commented that most were dross , but a few were very very good by anyone's standards. So why couldn't the same be true of their infantry commanders or SF?

    We have become a victim of our own propaganda. The US held the consistent line that these were just foreign insurgents, and the Iraqi people loved us. Absolutely no credence was given to the possibilty that members of the RG , RGSF or the Iraqi Army were still fighting . Did we ever get a formal surrender of the Iraqi Forces?
  12. So the insurgents actually failed to storm or destroy the police station and were eventually driven off with heavy casualties? And the Grauniad claims this is a 'victory' for them? A few more insurgent 'victories' like that will do me!