Attack On Massereene Barracks - 38 Engr Regt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_life, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. I hope the cowardly swine that did this are caught and don't make it to trial.

    RIP to those lost and speedy recovery to all injured
  2. From across the pond:

    Both CNN and FoxNews mentioned this and said 2 soldiers killed and 4 wounded. One said shot from a car and one said from a pizza truck.

    This is horrible. RIP, condolances to the family, friends and fellow soldiers of those killed and best wishes and prayers for the wounded.

    This is so sad. NI is a beautiful place with plenty of good decent people and a few vicious idiots who screw it up for everyone else. I actually visited NI several times before the trouble started. By the time my son was born it was a place I would not take a kid.

    Things have seemed better lately. Just yesterday I was talking with my son (graduates univ. in May) and talking about a trip with to Ireland and including NI. I was telling him about Carrickfergus, Tor Head, Giants Causeway. Now this!

    In addition to sympathy for the victims and families, best of luck to Arrsers from NI. I hope your country gets peace in our lifetimes.
  3. Time for hardball.

    Screw all the peacestuff.

    Find these murderers and put bullets in their heads, then destroy the bodies.

    Will the families of these new victims be receiving a couple of grand from the government?

    RIP to the lads, and condolences to their family, friends and especially their Regiment.
  4. It's just like the old days again! Except this time we have Javelin, UGL and Mastiff! Lets take it to them and this time make sure we don't stop until they are all terminated
  5. lets hope this government has the balls for this fight after all we invaded afghan under the terrorist bubble so ireland should be a piece of piss
  6. sub contract it to the Israelis
  7. Now that's not very likely is it?

    That's more like it.

    RIP and condolences
  8. I'm with you on this, well said, truth is we've always known it wasn't over didn't we,? but lets nip this in the bud, find and kill these cowards quickly, no if's no but's, before the IRA supporters start on here, You Know Who You ARE ! RIP Lads. condolences to the families.

    Bliar has a lot to answer for too.
  9. At least he's sorting out the Middle East.
  10. My condolences to the families of those who have fallen
    and a speedy recovery to those injured.
  11. Aye, two years as " Peace Envoy " before he sets foot in Gaza, fcukin great job he's doing there too, he should slot himself for his failure's around the world, lying bstard.
  12. I am as angry as the next bloke about this but we tried that with internment in the early 70s and guess what? The IRA had boys queuing round the block to enlist and they still pump out folk songs about it all to this day. We can still grieve for the fallen whilst keeping a calm head; we are/were professional soldiers after all.

    This isn't a dig at you by the way - plenty of others have expressed similar sentiments and for entirely understandable reasons.
  13. RIP Lads

    Speedy recovery to the injured.

    Thoughts are with all family and friends.
  14. RIP sounds like one lad is critical and 2 are dead. Shocking news, they are about to deploy aswell. My thoughts go to the families.