Attack on Leningrad


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I've just sat and watched this and thought I'd post a review for anyone who might be interested.

The title is a little misleading, the Siege of Leningrad would have been more accurate. The story follows a journalist as she becomes trapped in the besieged city, and is helped by a member of the Leningrad Militia.

Well filmed, very atmospheric and the action sequences are brilliant - and in some cases shocking. The audio is a mix of Russian, German and English. And this is where the big let down is. The subtitles are terrible. Small and hard to read against all but a dark background (and much of the film is set in winter with snow around) you end up concentrating so hard to read what is being said, that you end up missing half of the scene.

Not withstanding that criticism, it is a film I'd recommend to those who have an interest in this part of the Second World War.

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