Discussion in 'OTC' started by Repartee, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. I have recently joined the OTC, I plan on joining the RMP after Uni. I want to gain abit of experience of how the RMP work. WHat's my best course of action. Is it possible to stay in the OTC and be linked with the RMP or would I have to leave the OTC and join the normal TA? If so is it possible to get a transfer to the TA or would I just have to reapply?
  2. Their is a TASO (TA Sponsored officer) scheme where the TA Unit 'adopt' you, pay you, you wear their cap badge but most of your training is OTC.

    Your Adj will know the details as their is some idiosyncracies from OTC to OTC.

  3. Stay OTC or TASO, don't transfer - you will only be tainted by the plastic police. OTC means you will mix with peers who may join with you - whereas not a great deal of value in TA RMP...also they are located in weird places...deep dark south london or West Bromwich....
  4. No value in the TA Monkeys? Is that how the regulars train their reserve counterparts nowadays?
  5. Not for this guy...better of learning leadership only have to read other RMP threads on the site !
  6. and you think that the OTC teaches leadership skills?
  7. More than RMP TA !!
  8. I met a lot from ULOTC and I've never met a bigger bunch of numpties in my life - intellectually gifted but slow as fukc in the field with no get up and go or aptitude. Mixing with equally inept peers is no way to get management skills - you need to command to do that and the only way is to try it for real. There is no shame being TA before reg - one of my old PCs in the TA is now a major in the regs, commanded a company in the sandpit and got an MBE in NI and is now sitting at a desk in the MoD.

    Vinci - work it out for yourself
  9. I see you point - however, always exception to the rule..

    I also recall many from OTC who will definitely make it above the exalted rank of RMP major...

    Are you refering to RMP TA or TA in general..? If you are talking about Inf TA then different story I feel...
  10. Which surprises me. In my day (early 90's) ULOTC would give the TA in London a run for their money on mil skills, the better amongst them still would.

    I would strongly advise staying with the OTC for various reasons. There is plenty of time yet to develop your skills and become a "Jedi". What the OTC will provide is opportunity to get in fam visits, attachments, and exposure to various parts of the army that the TA will not. While the OTC is part of the TA, the whole purpose of its existence is different. The TA is not there to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with either the army, its command structure, its wider training system, and the social life of the mess so you simply won't ever get that. Enjoy the 3 years you have in the OTC and spend the next 30 getting "career serious".

    Also don't forget the biggest difference between OTC and TA (other than what is mentioned above) is that the OTC gears its training around your academic commitments whereas the TA will expect you to go on camps and courses to remain proficient at any tmie in the year, which may conflict with exams, and coursework. You are also deployable, a bit of a drama if you get called up in your final year as your university may not be keen to let you break off your studies part way through a term/year and return 6 months later meaning you could for the sake of a 6 month deployment end up finishing your degree 2 years behind the rest of your course. That will really screw any planned military career up as you could find yourself 2 years behind the curve for promotions.
  11. Woopert - thats when I met them!
  12. He's talking about us Woopert! How dare he!

    Having said that, that's a pretty accurate picture of me as an OCdt. And I've never been called intellectually gifted before!

    I think I'll chalk this up as a win.
  13. Go for the OTC. Remember that OTC is structured around the uni semesters, where as TA is constant through out the whole year.

    You might say to yourself now, ''If I go TA come exam time I will take time off’’, believe me (and im sure others will back me up) the TA can become addictive, especially for the skint student in dire need of booze tokens, remember you are at uni to get a degree with a view to joining the army, as an officer, where 80-85% of sandhurst recruits now have a degree. You are not at uni to get a degree in TA studies, but to get the best degree you can achieve, so that if for what ever reason the army doesn't take you on, you have something to fall back on. Also, please take into consideration that OTCs run dedicated cadres to qualifications that are neccessary to progress as an officer, they also (at least Glasgow and Edinburgh- for certain) run mock TCB/RCB boards to prep you when the time comes . I went down to westbury at the start of August and passed, and being honest I couldn't have done it without the prep work recieved at the OTC. Have you spoken to your ULO yet? A fiver says he will tell you to go down the OTC route, and he is the man in the know.

    As for attachments’, ask. Once you have completed your first year i.e. became proficient (at least at mine) you can ask for attachments’.

    In the four years I’ve spent in an otc I’ve;

    -Gone on attachment to an AS90 reg
    -Been Attached to a regular REME workshop
    -Played enemy against regular engineers ( the build up training was excellent, simply because two or three cadets were slotted , into a section an told to crack on)
    -Played enemy against TA Para's :crying:
    -Been attached to various cadet units
    -Played civ pop against the police
    -Spent several weekends with regular signals regiments learning what they do
    -live firing with the RATA battery that told me to got to the otc in the first place
    -Live firing again with the same battery at the weekend just there and an invite to invade their mess come remembrance Sunday.

    And hopefully some time later on in the year I will get an attachment to a Tank reg.

    In some cases I’ve came back from these attachments’ and thought I would never do that again, but I view this as a good thing because, when it comes time to make my choice of regiment, I’m making an informed choice and will not end up somewhere that I utterly loath.

    These attachments’ are fairly easy to get in an OTC because units are crying out for officers and see the OTC as one of the best recruiting grounds.

    Any further questions feel free to chuck them on here/PM.

  14. Good post, indeed there is some real rubbish (jumped up, misguided students) in the OTC. However when it comes to the TA it is sometimes the same. A suitable example is the London RMP TA. I have never witnessed a more lazy, useless, snobbish waste of a unit, shocking. One or two (only) are very good it must be said but they are the exception. Contrast with some of the Engineer, Arty or Infantry units in the TA and the quality is sometimes very high. I cannot help feel however that the OTC are mostly a bunch of clowns with one or two real stars. This has been from experience of seeing them interact with both the Army (awe and a need to impress, a little like children apeing the big boys in the playground)and the TA (sneering arrogance and ego)

    It goes back to there being no such thing as bad soldiers...
  15. OTC it is for a year then and then look at attachment to the RMP. Thank you for the replies.