Discussion in 'Aviation' started by bebo, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys I am soon to be on attachment to an AAC unit. What kind of things should I expect? Good or bad, any insight would much appreciated.

  2. Question 1. As what ?
  3. Off/Cdt from an OTC unit.
  4. expect to make lots of tea and have the p*ss ripped out of you mercilessly. which unit?
  5. Apart from things previously mentioned you can expect to be looked after. Just bear in mind that you don't want to be remembered for the wrong reasons, be polite to everyone, enjoy the flying (if you get any), don't talk too much and don't make an arrse of yourself in the mess. These points will all become far clearer when having your interviews at Sandhurst.

    That said, you should enjoy it, interact with as many people as you can ie: don't get yourself bogged down with just the aircrew.

    Take plenty of money as it is a tradition in the AAC that Offr Cadets buy the whole Squadron a curry and a few beers, you can get around this by turning up on day 1 with 6 crates of bitter and 6 of lager and presenting them to the ground crew.
  6. And offering to pay for the minibus or taxi home
  7. LE'S are old and tired.
  8. They should be left out to pasture with a pension to keep them happy. Ex-infantry!!!
  9. I hate LE's.
  10. Come on Napoleon, blind us with your wisdom, why do you hate LEs? Sour grapes? Passed over on the selection board?
  11. Come on Napoleon, blind us with your wisdom, why do you hate LEs? Sour grapes? Passed over on the selection board?
  12. No arguments there, you can't beat a good vindaloo :D

    Thanks for that, I do sometimes feel there is a slightly negative few towards UOTC cadets, however I am hoping that is not the case after I have completed my attachment.

    Humility and a sense of humour sounds like a good place to start :)

    Any other traditions to watch for in the mess?


  13. Bebo , which unit are you going to 'cause i may have a special welcome for you !!!!
  14. Not the "Seppi Special" welcome....................OOoooooooo
  15. If you ever go up in a helicopter check your helmet (if you get one) for boot polish.
    Make sure you have got loads of beer tokens as you will be "invited" to get the rounds in.
    Make sure you dry behind your lugholes each day as you may be offered copious amounts of tissue.
    Listen to any and all SNCO "skygods2 as 9 x out of 10 the ruperts dont know their arses from their elbow.

    Those who will be with you know their subject/s so listen and learn and enjoy!!!!!!!