attachment of earnings order (CSA)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by salopstick, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. my assessment has just gone from £250 monthly to £660 this does include an increase in the arrears

    i have not missed a payment since may 2001 (arears were built up from a paternity dispute)

    i am trying to fight this as i believe my assessment is wrong ffs they gave me a weekly allowance of 5.40 travel to work costs when i commute 60 miles round trip

    anyway if this does not get reduced where do i stand with an attachment of earnings order

    this payment could mean me having to sell my house as i cant afford a mortgage and this will cripple me

    i have been told that they can only take 15% out of my net monthly earnings is this true? a reference to the jsp or pay manual would be helpfull

    cheers lads
  2. The 15% (for one child) rule only came in in 2003 - as your CSA assessment was done before that your case falls under the old rules, which were more draconian.

    An Attachment of Earnings Order is a legal document - you won't find details in any JSP. Basically it orders the employer to deduct a certain amount from an employee's wages.

    The only way to fight it that I know of is to appeal directly to the CSA. It is they that decide the rate that must be paid and issue the attachment of earnings order to the employer.

    The only regulation I know of which can affect this is the Minimum Rate of Pay (MROP) which I believe must be at least 50% of your net salary. Your RAO staff should be able to confirm this.
  3. It should be the total cost of keeping the ex wife/partner and child (ren) then the rest of us tax payers wouldnt have to keep others sprogs and taxes could come down
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    As daft as it sounds letting it run to an attachment of earning order may be your best bet
    I don't know how much you earn but 15% monthly is probably less than £660
    So under the order you may only end up paying what you are now or less

    Do the maths seek advice and see whats best
    OldTimer may end up chipping in yet
  5. cheers lads im a sps sgt so quite well off in wages anyway

    for reference they only give me 5.40 travel to work costs which is 10p per mile for every mile over 250 i do 294 weekly

    i also pay 800 per month nursery which enables me and the wife a raf cpl to work they do not take this into consideration

    i have a large mortgage but cannot afford this new assessment even though ex is remarried to a bloke earning more than me. the csa say their payment is more important than me potentially losing my house

    seems unfair that the csa can make me suffer to enhance their lifestyle as a result of a drunken fling 13 years ago
  6. That is the whole point of the GESTAPO you are to pay, no matter is it makes you bankrupt and thus you cannot pay any more. Every penny they can get out of you is what they are after.

    You, as an individual play only one role in this matter - you pay. And from next year they will be hounding the dead as well by taking as much money from the estates of dead fathers as they can. Just think even those they drove to suicide will still be victimised by them.
  7. Kill the bitch, do the time and the state can fund the kids, that'll teach em...