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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by mjs8621, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. and on you go
  2. Being a WO, you really shouldn't be asking this question on an open forum like this one. Suffice it to say that if you have been warned for an attachment someone has recognised that you are either the right person for the job, or have a speciality role such as an RQMS or Weapons Instructor etc. However, it will in all probability be in a support role, unless you have specifically volunteered for an operational role. INT CORPS Warrant Officers are not as numerous as in many other Corps and therefore their specialist roles are limited.

    My advice is to bide your time and you will either be told on a "Need To Know" basis or invited to interview nearer the time.
  3. Yet another helpful reply ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    We must be talking about another Intelligence Corps, the one I know seems to have more Warrant Officers that it does JNCOs
  4. I suppose you are going to blame the late hour on that one!!
  5. Adastra, I have recently refrained from having a go at you but this post seems particularly bonk. Nobody in their right mind is going to start talking about roles of the Int Corps on Ops in an open forum. And no we don't have more WO's than JNCOs. We also don't have WOs aged 75 who will not bugger off and let some other people get promoted!
  6. hey fella's

    read my post simple question and well aware of op sec which is why i asked for a pm! so lets not get our knickers in a twist ladies!!

    cheers for the one sane soul who pm'd me the rest of you carry on with your rough and tumble!! :twisted:
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  9. First, I must appologise for not congratulating you on finally becoming a proper Warrant Officer Mr XXXXXXX.

    In terms of the space-time continuum, the time taken to reach Warrant Officer in some services, is but the briefest snapshot, perhaps 1/2000 or even 1/4000 ? There may well have been a time, perhaps in your youth, when the Intelligence Corps had a remarkable surplus in certain ranks.

    Two other services recognise that it takes time to develop and mature such a high-value product, rightly revered for their depth of experience. I for one do not feel that there is any merit in trying to compare blueberries with limes. Some items have a short sell-by date and need to be moved on quickly. And, rightly so, as we move towards a fully interoperable floor-plate under project PRIDE, we need to recognise and respect the differences of each tradition if we are to achieve conflict resolution and reconciliation.

    As a newly promoted Warrant Officer you will surely recognise the responsibllities of Leadership?
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  11. Why has that crab still not earned the right to wear an oxygen thief tag? He really does suck the life out of any thread. Better still can he not just be blocked from the Int Corps Forum?
  12. Crab ? 8)

    Your powers of analysis and investigation have surely waned over the years Mr Orchard Way !
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    You obviously need a few more clues:
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  13. Adastra, you are an inrorrigible bore and thoroughly deserve an O2 tag.

    We don't know each other; thank God for small mercies.
  14. Thank you !

    "Is there anyone I wouldn't take as a client? Well, I'd never represent a banker. "

    and a few more besides :p