Attaching Daysack to bergan

Afternoon all,

How do I attach my daysack to my bergan without a)having to take everything out of my daysack and then roll it up, b) it being simply put under the top flap- at which point my kit looks like a bag of sh*te and its becomes about 10ft high and unmanagable

Anybody have a compact and bijou method of attaching a daysack to bergan- which will last an insertion TAB without falling off and which looks neat and tidy (I've heard of a method involving D-rings but wasn't 100% on how it works)


Best way I found was using a daysack without side pouches and stuffing it inside the bergan. I meant that you just pack less warm kit etc. This was good for about 10 day ops / 4 man team insertion tab to OP etc, share doss bag etc 1 between 2 blah blah. Don't expect to be comfortable but it does leave you flexible and you learn to live out of your daysack..
Remove non essential items from daysac, shove under bergan hood/flap. It may be prefered to get a 'floating' lid for the bergan to aid this.

Quel surprise, einmal daysac in one's bergan.

Good to go with essentials in event of rapido requirement to change from heavy to light scales. A quick rummage sees the daysac fully equipped for mission task.
use an extra side pouch zipped over the middle of your bergan mate, use a canoe sack to put your warm kit in etc and keep only the essentials in your day sack. shove it under the lid and sit on the lid to get the straps down tight.
use a bergan cover to, if needed you can shove light stuff in there quickly
You could always get it moded slightly, I’ve just done this with a Munro, added 2 sides release buckles to the day sack straps and then they fix through the loops on your Bergen lid right near the lid clips

Then at the bottom some side release clips are fixed to the anchor points of the day sack and then fed through the webbing loops on the front of the Bergen either side of the WB pouch


Kifaru E&E?

Probably a bit small compared to the 'day' [more like weekend] bags that guys carry nowadays. But Vanguard used to make a 30ltr jobbie that utilised the side-pouch clips to piggy-back onto the isue bergan.

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