Attaching a Kukri to Assault Vest

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tsar_Nikolas, May 22, 2005.

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  1. Hello Folks. I'm considering purchasing a flashy kurki, but before I do, has anyone figured a novel and comfortable way to fit it to kit, especially to an assault vest? The things are so long, I can't see it being attached to the back very well without it getting in the way or banging against my backside when running
  2. Your name 'Johnny G' by any chance? Why would you want to carry a Kukri unless it was tradition? There are much better mor practical options for fighting/survival knives that won't get you laughed at. Maybe you should go for one of those?
  3. Are you a Gurkha? If not, toting a kukhri about is a bit Walt-ish, don't you think?
  4. A kukri looks better attached to a Gurkha than an assault vest.
    Mine lives in a wooden tool box in my garage - inherited from my parents who found it more than 40 years ago in a house we moved into. The box is where it is staying too!
  5. tsar_Nikolas..... go on, admit it, ya know you want to..... yer a Walt!
  6. haha, awesome. Ok, maybe I deserved the piss taking...does anyone have any better suggestions? And what the hell is a Walt ladies?
  7. Walt as it walter mitty though this is probably a wah .buy a lock knife more use than a kukri and the air force wont try to steal it .
  8. Double posted!

  9. Glok Machete and a small fixed blade knife is all you will ever need. If you need to kill people with a knife you will be issued a Fairbairn Sykes Dagger or of course use your trusty cast Bayonet!!!

  10. Ok, thanks, but more important is the method of attaching the knife to your assualt vest. Does anyone have any ideas? What do people do with their bayonets?
  11. What do people do with their bayonets!!!!!!!!!!! Whaometer just went off the scale.

  12. Get some webbing loops sewn onto the assault vest - above the pouches and on the bottom edge are handy locations. Then you can use those tough nylon velcro straps from DiY stores to add or remove items. I use a big web loop over the left waterbottle pouch to hang the respirator pouch - vests may be trendy, but they don't make provision for NBC kit...

    No point in carrying a big knife - just a heavy weight and looks daft. What are you going to use it for? A small cheapo hobby knife with snap-off blade sections covers most tasks better - sewing, first aid, sharpening your pencil, opening MRE bags, etc. If you're scrimming up, then a shared pair of secateurs is more efficient, and if you're in the jungle, then a golok is the minimum that'll cope......
  13. We all know where you keep your bayonet Boney; up your ass

    Thanks for the info clanker, I'll keep that in mind
  14. Stick them up your arrse I hope!!
  15. All this about attatching kukris to assault vests is a little strange, :(

    if you feel the need to carry a kukri, have it on the side of your Bergen or Daysack,
    if you are contemplating hacking peoples heads off you really are a walt...... :x

    otherwise, if you need decent cutting tools, get a swedish army sheath knife for about 9 quid, that'll do all your fine cutting, and food prep and get a B&Q folding saw for about 12 quid, that'll cut almost anything down, and its good for cutting ice and snow, something you cant do with a kukri

    also, think about a decent sharpening stone :wink: