Attached to different bn for op tour?

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A rather nasty complete tear of my ACL and substantial damage to my meniscus (sustained about a fortnight prior to deployment) that requires surgical repair and 6-9 months rehab means I'm missing H15. Being fresh crow I'm gutted not to be getting a tour under my belt (it was the reason I joined) and due to the well-publicized 2014 extraction date its unlikely I'll get another with my current unit.

I've got a long road ahead of me but I'm trying to stay positive and was wondering if its still possible to be attached to other bns for Herrick tours (particulary those in the same regiment) and if so who would I have to see to get the ball rolling (once I'm fit of course)?
Yes it is entirely possible to be attached to other units for tours, particularly if that unit is short staffed and your unit can spare bods for 9 months. You need to concentrate on getting back to full fitness, once you are there (or nearly there) speak to your Pl Comd and ask about tours. Last thing to think about is that although people are talking about the end of HERRICK, it is likely that some troops will remain in Afghanistan after 2014 in one role or another and as experience has shown, you never know what is around the corner. You never know, in 5 years time we might be out of Afghanistan and into some other delightful destination!

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