Attached Arms to wear own Berets

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by DesktopCommando, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Within 1 MI Bn attached personnel are now to wear their own headdress across the board, not just the teeth armed personnel, any views on these from the forum floor.
  2. Where is the problem? Wearing of another beret with your own capbadge was just a drain on QM's resources anyway.

    Not a problem I think but it does look less uniformal on parade (not like int knows foot or arms drill anyways).
  3. Not a problem for any commandos then.
  4. This from the RLC! You've got to larf!
  5. I just hope they apply the same rule to 16 AA for the non-P Coy bods.

    I can dream :cry:
  6. Re-inventing the wheel!!

    It was always the case that all attached cooks & bottle washers wore their own hats!
  7. I'm attached to an MI Bn..

    It was mentioned the other day about attached arms wearing an Int corp colour beret.

    The PARA CSgt didn't take too well to the idea.

    I personally don't give a sh!te, it's a beret the end of the day!

    Not heard anymore about it so guessing it's been canned.
  8. :( means I may have to change my username :cry:
  9. As ex-ACC Att, we always wore the beret of the unit that we were attached to.
  10. I have attached arms, and I'm buggered if I am going to buy a separate beret for both of them. Besides it looks silly.
  11. Well it would do have a seperate beret for both arms...or did you mean seperate berets :D
  12. Well it would do have a seperate beret for both arms...or did you mean seperate berets :D
  13. Dega voo...
  14. it wasn't that funny first time. 8O

    Maybe we should wear the cap badge of the Regt/Corps we are attached to as well as our own! A La Monty! ;)
  15. And with all the TRF's we now have we could also look like boy scouts, and CR could come a Vango tent