Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by almostthere, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Now that the ECI has started,there seems to be this attitude coming from the LAD of "It's not our problem, we've told them enough times but they still fail to do it correctly"

    I for one am not happy with this attitude as it creates a them and us situation, when we should all be working together to make this world a better place.

    Any thoughts?
  2. The day I see an LAD swarming with sigs,sprs,pte,Infantry type people, working hand over tit to keep the equipment in mint condition 24/7, Ill eat my lid.

    Until that day why should REME work all hours for feck all respect given. What about the attitude of 'Your in our Sqn/Regt you work for us now feck of and fix it".

    Thats what should happen but its certanaly not the reality.
  3. the day i see a reme bloke or blokette doing my job ill eat my lid too isnt that why they joined the reme? if i wanted loads of grease under my nails then i would of joined them . as it happens i chose too sit on my arrse , not all the time as i have to fill the ketle up at least 3 times a day . "we bend it you mend it "
  4. I think a more accurate ditty would be:

    You own it, you account for it, you service and look after it, you use it, you bend it, you report it, REME fixes it
  5. Heaven forbid that an LAD would do anything actually with the regiment they are part of.

    Cos thats your job, same way it's the tech's job to fix the comms kit and the electricians jobs to fix the generators. Yeah the operators should maintain but surely the LAD should do something other than VOR every vehicle.[/quote]
  6. Why do those who work in LADs always think they are so squeaky clean and perfect. If I had a pound for every time a 434 owner has asked me to sort out his HF radio that's missing all its cables, is not complete to CES, never been switched on etc. It's your job, just do it!
  7. Sonic said - Why do those who work in LADs always think they are so squeaky clean and perfect. If I had a pound for every time a 434 owner has asked me to sort out his HF radio that's missing all its cables, is not complete to CES, never been switched on etc. It's your job, just do it!

    Erm, well, as one of the offending 434 Crew ( and 512 and 513 crew) as well as having been crewed in a Samson. I have never lost a cable - broke a few but that is why you get the big bucks. furthermore, CES checks are usually carefully carried out in REME - especially in fitter sections where all your jobs come over the Radios while on exercise ( So switching them on is a good idea !!).

    Incidentally, whilst posted with 30 Sigs on an Op Tour a few years ago, we had two HF sets in the back of the Fitter Rover which did not work when taken off the boat, 30 sigs in their entireity could not fix either of these radios for months.

    it got to the point that a mobile was issued for us until the Local REME Battalions' Tels Techs could fix both radios and get them back to us.

    To answer your question Sonic - If you had a pound etc etc you would be quite poor.
  8. And by the way, if YOU could get out of Battle camps and other Sigs Bullshit - you surely would, why then should REME be made to do it when they are an attached arm ?
  9. Hence one of the many reason why the Signals are losing their techs :lol:
  10. G3ops the ApissedoffVE is a trade that has been pass from pillar to post by every man and his dog. We are also considered a lesser trade than say the VM's. Also they are getting rid of our trade for the third time.

    To the rest of you guys, we work very hard to get your pieces of shit back on the road, if you do not look after them in time they will break. Your also wingeing that we should fix everything if we did that we would be here till doomesday. GET YOUR BLOODY 'A' JOBS SORTED before people start moaning about the REME (Top 10% of the British Army). :x :x :x
  11. Kagool, you're a very angry man aren't you. Notice you've been popping round this site today having a rant about 21 sigs and thenfinish it off with this fine piece of work.

    Maybe you should have yourself a sit down, grab a beer and look back on life. Then just think to yourself if i didnt want to fix things why did i get myself a trade who's main responsibility is FIXING STUFF.
  12. Without wishing to further inflame this post, perhaps a bit of fact would help:

    The user is mandated to care for his equipment, this care regime is contained in the "601" part of the AESP, how to complete the tasks is contained in the "201". These tasks are carried out by the user (level 1 maintenance).

    REME are mandated to carry out level 2 and 3 maintenance, some of these tasks are also annotated in the "601" (2 yearly servicing for example).

    LAND user equipment maintenance standards (an AESP) gives very clear direction on equipment care, you will find detailed responsibilities for each personality in the EC chain, including drivers, MTOs and REME punters too.

    Any cries of "it's your job" should be confirmed in this AESP.

    I must also add that any REME bloke who cries off of military training because he's "too busy" is probably a fat knacker who thinks he's a civvy in green. Hopefully there aren't too many of them around nowadays....
  13. Hmmm....sounds like a communist/naive idealogue to me. There's very few people in our Army who are intrested in making the world a better place. Only me. :wink:

    Well - that's not really the case is it? Our FRTs etc are starting to suffer from the MOD's reliance on COTS. When the answer to a knackered piece of kit is to send it back to the company, then I can't blame soldiers whose job it was to fix stuff feeling a bit p***ed off.

    Although...people have said similar about VMs for years - i.e. they don't do vehicle mechanics, they are actually more like fitters cos it's more cost effective to buy in and install a new part.

    Make sure we don't confuse them with chefs who are also called "fitters and turners" sometimes. Apparently they fit stuff into pans and turn it into ****

    :oops: sorry - bad joke :roll:
  14. Her's one for all you attached nut stranglers! LAD (Light Aid DETACHMENT), bet not many of you can tell us who you're detached from, can you? As for us scalies I think you spanner should be call the LAA (Light Aid Attachment). Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa, Laa!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Think Nige pretty much says it all but in AESP speak of course.

    In summary you wouldn't take your car to the dealers to get a lamp replaced or the tyres inflated so why would you expect the LAD to do it.