ATST Historical Society

A friend of mine has been asked to contribute to a "history" of what used to be the ATST. I was only once allowed to enter the hallowed portal on the top floor of the Keep, on a prized attachment.

Are there any tales of daring-do that can be told yet? I seem to remember SN had an outing there once.

I am thinking of starting an Op FLITTON re-enactment society myself and can bring my own head guard and sparring gloves.

Please feel free to post your tales below or PM me for details of the first meeting: please provide your original Op FLITTON membership card number.
Ahhhhh, OP FLITTON now there is something from days gone by, chasing a nimble hare around shrewsbury. I am sure that the story goes she was the fancy piece of one of the DS. Anyway, we strutted our stuff around Shrewsbury only a few weeks later for PIRA to place some incendiary devices in the pockets of coats in a local department store!!! Fond memories and some rogues on the same course....many went far further than me... :D
I can confirm Slightly Nasty did indeed have an outing there once, I will let him regale his talesof getting caught smoking in the OP whilst on his W Course, the night he managed to wipeout half a family of rabbits while returning from a particularly windy ridge etc etc etc. There are too many stories to remember!
I'm sure its a complete irrelevance now, why should anyone want to know the difference between a Probe, as Scan or a Flitton...or that other thing we used to do on Fridays?

After all Tory Boy Dave says its all right for staff in Head Office to wear uniform now.
Republican terrorists are planning to launch a "Christmas spectacular" attack on British troops in Northern Ireland, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.
I still can't see where SIPE fits in to all this?
At least all the Ops Offr tells me that all MBMMs are up to date

( Branch? WTF is that??)
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