ATs on the QE2

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. On TV now about the QE2 and obviously part of its history was the SBS, and at the time, RAOC AT's parachuting on to it.
    Robert Williams, if anyone knows him, saying how he wasnt para trained and there he was, on a Herc with Special Forces about to parachute into the Atlantic to find, what turned out to be a hoax, bombs on board. Good bloke!
  2. Damn, missed it.
  3. dinger watch it on BBC i Player :idea:
  4. Was chatting to an ex serving about this. He remembered that for a while after the incident there was an AT posting for a SSGT to the boat.

    All the fun jobs have gone.
  5. Robert Hacon-Williams. Ex Cav. Jumped in with feck all training and also famous for a ferret sh1tting down his neck :D I kid you not :twisted:

    There were ex - AT's hired to sit on the QE2 "just in case" but one of them - a drunken, smelly, mysoginistic Yorkshiteman ruined it all. :evil:
  6. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Name and shame please!
  7. Sorry. Trade secret.
  8. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    We'll see.
  9. Cmon, what did he do? :twisted:
  10. A cameo shot of a couple or Air Despatchers too.
  11. I knew the chap - worked for him as a WO2. He wasn't an ex AT - he was a real "Mess Kit Wearing at the Captains Table AT in the rank of SSgt". He was drunken, smelly and mysoginistic but I thought he was a wearer of the red rose?! Didn't like Bob Marley & THe Wailers!
  12. Ah it's al coming back to me! 'Tis the same man but I thought he was from Yorkshire. IIRC he got the job as a civvy later on and then told them there wasn't a job so they binned. And rejoined the Army. And for his resettlement course he did Pre-Ops and went to NI again :cry:

    NODUF :twisted:
  13. And he ended up getting RTU'd from BBK on that tour. :oops:
  14. Would there have ben strong drink involved?
  15. No such thing as a secret...