ATs and ATOs & EOD shenanigans

There seems to be a disproportionately large number of ATs/ATOs on this board, given that we are a trade of about 350 in a corps of some 11000 drivers and stackers. Also any other EOD team members (bleeps/No 2s etc). Any care to own up? I know who some of you are!
Mr Birkin, never a truer word said in the hell did I get locked in there let alone get out, plus where dthe fcuk did 12hrs go?. :oops:

Still, yer dog stinks..............................................
seems to be plenty of the front line EOD community here but what about the Fringe? are they going to own up? or are they going to throw stuff around the office like school kids ( no names eh Darling) :D
Are we drawing a line between, AT and Dvr No 2's or are we all incapable of switching a PC on? However the fact that Ernie the 11 EOD IT mismanager, cant supply enough PC,s that dont require either a hamster or coal/water is a good reason!!
There are a lot of harsh comments in

Some surely in jest, but some....well defamation springs to mind.

But not being in the EOD teams - who am I to talk.

PS. Are there any EOD Vacancies.
Hmm, Sammy......could you be a member of the infamous Fringe? That magazine is wonder of modern literature, defamation, allegory and lies....TOPS :lol:
No, unfortunately I don't work in the EOD teams or any of the supporting squadrons/agencies. I have spoken to a few of the ATO/AT personnel and whilst it appears to be a fairly easy lifestyle, there is much disquiet in respect of your roles.

But maybe the people I have spoken to were just bitter.
Bitter and twisted, they don`t know a good thing when it hits them in the face. As to any jobs.....I can forsee in the very near future (hint :wink: ) a cash bounty for those who turn to the AT dark side. If you can take the stick from the rest of our esteemed Corps that is.

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