Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Coopzer, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. I've just got back of my last interview and am now waiting for my date for selection.

    All throughout my application process i've been expecting and being told i will be going to AFC Harrogate for a 42 week course in yorkshire in september when i leave school.

    But now, it appears that i will be going to ATR Winchester and that is the new ADC. But the para's are still going to Harrogate where as other Infantry are going Winchester? Whats that all about?

    So can anyone give me any light on this , i've been told ATR Winchester is shutting down and on their website it dont say anything about they train Infantry or Junior Entry soldiers?

  2. I've heard this to!
    Someone even got a choice :S
  3. i'am joining the AAC and my recruiter told me that the training will not be at winchester.
  4. For the AAC maybe, but how about Infantry ?
  5. I have been told Winchester is the new ADC, so if you choose to go down the ADC route rather than the AFC route you'll got to Winchester regardless of trade. But, I wouldn't hold my breath on what I just said. Maybe IRON can enlighten us.
  6. Yup, im very eager to find out whats cracking off here
  7. So am I. 8O
  8. It's fairly simple, and I am sure the process will be explained in great detail in the near future. At present, I am not sure how much is for public release, so I will be fairly brief.

    Essentially, the Army is rationalising who trains where. ATR Winchester will be taking the old junior entry; ATR Pirbright will be taking most of the senior entry, and all female recruits; ATR Bassingbourn will be looking after REME and RAC; and ITC Catterick will be doing whatever it is they do now. These changes are all due to take place over the next few months, so it will take a little time before everyone in the system knows exactly what is going on. Clear as mud?
  9. What's not clear is:
    What will happen to Harrogate?
    Will the Winchester course be aslong as the AFC Harrogate 42 week course?
  10. 16:51:59 You: primarily responsible for the initial recruits wishing to join the Royal Armoured Corps, the Army Air Corps, the Adjutant General's Corps, the intelligence Corps, the Army Medical Services and the Coprs of Army Music.
    16:52:07 You: i dont want to join any of those though?
    16:54:39 WO2 Nick Goudie: well you will go to the AFC harrogate
    16:54:48 You: oh ok

    This was online to one of those online recruiters..So alot of mixed messages here :S
  11. if your going INF you have to go to Harrogate? Not what I have been told.
  12. Things are evolving!

    AFCO/ACIO have the answers.
    Speak to the Senior Recruiter, he/she will have the latest changes.

    Online recruitment need to update their advisors!
  13. 03/27/2008 08:42:06PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "by the time u go it will be Winchester then catterick"
    03/27/2008 08:42:21PM Billy: "I think its a new thingthat winchester is going to be taking Junior Entry soldiers"
    03/27/2008 08:43:26PM Agent (SSgt Bev Reeves): "that's correct"

    thats what i got today
  14. The PARA's go north because that is where the 'climbing frame' is, also bigger hills to smash them over.
  15. Oh I see.