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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SmithsRail, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey all I'm off to ATR Winchester at the end of January, I'm curious, I've been told by different people that I'll be able to wear contact lenses.. but I've been told by other people that I'll have to wear those big fcuk off brown glasses, what's the dilio? Contacts/Own Glasses/Big shity issued Glasses? cheers in advance for any replies.

  2. Depends on the clarity required to wipe your arse.
  3. sorry only the big ugly issued glasses
  4. You can wear your own, as long as they aren't of a stupid design or tinted. You will get fitted for issued ones aswell, to use as a second pair.
  5. Contact lenses can be uncomfortable when inhaling tear gas.
  6. The bespectacled members of my troop managed to wear their own glasses throughout their time at Winchester. The army issue ones took too long to arrive, and one guy just said they gave him a headache. So he went back to wearing his own ones.
  7. Get yourself a couple of pairs of Army issue, like wot I got at Winchester in 45!!! Still can see through em and light ciggies if sun is out! :)
    It was KRRC and RB barracks then! now posh flats I believe.

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  8. Are you allowed to wear contact lenses through Phase 1 Training? or deviate between contact lenses/glasses?
  9. i wore contacts throughout all my time at the ITC

    apart from the gas chamber for obvious reasons...
  10. You're at Winchester end of Jan? I'm there myself on Feb 4th so I'll probs see you down there.
  11. Do you mean the RTF?