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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Salient, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Heck when I did my CMSR in 98 we had a bar on camp there were female recruits an we were allowed out at weekends after week five, had to be back by midnight. To be honest this change in the atr hasn't done much to improve the dross coming through the factory into battalion as more and more nigs are showing a distinct weakness of character. Discipline is in the decline and the army's hands are tied with all this political correctness and human rights bollocks. The infantry in particular needs strong characters who can handle a bit of discipline. Because if you think ATR is tough wait till you do an operational tour. It will bring new meaning to the word tough.
  2. I start my basic at Winchester next month and already have my timetable of the syllabus, noticed that after your long weekend leave, you have all weekends off for the remaining weeks of training. What can you do over the weekends cos i'm guessing I'm not gonna b allowed to fcuk off somewhere on a saturday morning and not return till Sunday night? I was expecting to be training 7 days a week, every week and this seems like a lot of time off for a recruit.
  3. what part of the army u joining as ive got my selection on the 12th april then once i pass ill be awaiting a date to be sent to joining the royal arm corps (9th/12th) .from what ive been told by my afco phase 1 is now 14 week's training
  4. I'm goin RMP so no doubt I'll be popular....14 weeks for basic,got my timetable already before I go from the careers office.
  5. Good luck for selection, assuming you pass will you do me a favour and let me know your intake date please?

    I'm trying to keep a rough idea of RAC Phase One intakes accurate to the month. Could end up on selection about a month after you.
  6. well if all goes to plan and i pass my selection on the 12th am hoping ill start training at the end of the month but me thinks that might be pushing it abit thin,,
  7. Well lads, i can confirm as a Platoon Sgt at ATR(W) the although after week 7, the programme doesn't have anything on for the weekends, things can still be added. Although, if you have nothing to do you are allowed out on Sat and Sun for 4 hours 1330 - 1730 only!

    And you will be here for 14 weeks, until mid 08 when we change to a Junior entry and they will be here for approx 21 weeks.
  8. i dont quite understand that lol.what are you saying....theres no intakes after april??? or are you speaking about selection date's?
  9. I am saying as at May ish to July next year there will be no more intakes, only TA. This is so we can prep for the Junior Entries first intake later that year.
  10. This must be a wind up?
  11. Wind up? What part of the message are you referring to.
    Like ex-Minden says thats all of the information I have been given so far, I was under the impression saturday and sundays in basic were like any other day with a full timetable so having freetime will be great to recharge the batteries.
    Was'nt really expecting to go on a bender halfway through my basic. I'm sure theres time for that when I eventually pass out....

    Cheers for the knowhow ex-Minden
  12. yes baz you do get weekends off , and you can go town for 4 hours but on sundays youl find yourself ironin etc for inspection on mondays good luck with trainin tho
  13. Is the time table the same for females at Pirbright aswell?
  14. Yeah I expect even though there isn't anything scheduled on my timetable for saturday and sunday in basic I will still have plenty to do, the joy of ironing, washing and cleaning everything! And a few extra hours sleep I hope!

    Can anyone recommend a good boot polish? Is KIWI top dog or is polish polish.ha
  15. Im under the impression Bourne that each ATR will differ with their timetables although the syllabus will obviously be more or less the same. I recieved my timetable in advance but was told not all ATR's do this in advance.