ATR Winchester

Has anyone been based at ATR Winchester as an instructor? I am posted there in a few months.

What is the job like, location, MQs etc
ATR Winchester trains all those under the age of 17 and 3 months in the form of a 23 week junior entry course. The course will look something like this:

Weeks 1-6: Break in phase, all the basics.
Week 7: Leave.
Weeks 8-14: Continue themes from first 6 weeks, slowly giving the Junior Soldiers (JS) more free time and responsibility.
Weeks 15-16: Leave.
Weeks 17-23: Final tests and exercises, parade.

On completion, minimum of 2 weeks leave, probably 3. The leave during the course is for all (DS and JS), exercises are spread throughout the course and go from 1 - 7 nights.

As an NCO the work is hard, particularly in the first 6 weeks, when the Corporals will be looking at a pattern of a 24hour duty every 4/5 days, and all weekends are working ones, having said that the advantages of the course are that you know exactly what you are going to be doing hour to hour for the next 23 weeks so there is scope for random morning/afternoons off, plenty of notice to the wife for leave dates, plus you're looking at approx 10 weeks leave a year. You'll also come out qualled up to the max, so any Regt trg Wg will want you at a drop of a hat.

The JS are incredibely variable. The plan is for only long phase 2 courses to go through ATR(W) (RE, Sigs, REME etc etc) but i'm not sure if thats in place yet. Like i said some JS will be keen as mustard, others will be little terrors, but above all they'll be all 16 years old (or just 17) and will inevitably act like it on occasions, having said that the sense of satisfaction at the end is immense.

The MQ are in Worthy Down Camp (home of the AGC) about 2 miles away and I haven't heard to many bad things about them. The camp as a whole is quite small and modern. Winchester as a place is a small city, and the camp is about 2miles from the centre. The train station and M3 take you into the heart of london within 90mins.

The one fact you can't miss about any training establishment is that you will be working with some cracking guys and gals of all cap badges from Cpl - Maj. They are all invariablly high calibre and if you get on well with your fellow Tp/Sqn DS you'll have a blast.
Cheers for the info PotatoHead.

The course info is a lot more than I have been told. Pleased to know I will be able to plan my life properly!
planning your life is the biggest myth of phase 1 establishments! the job is great but something always comes up, either a career course or another training team will need man power!!