ATR Winchester just passed out

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. well that was the best 14 weeks of my life while i think back to it all....
    at times i dint enjoy it but now i look back it was wicked

    passed out today along with my troop in 4 troop and those in 3 troop
    family are all proud and loved the parade most of all am proud of myself for sticking as i did have times that i wanted to quit...

    to those thinking of joining or training go for it dont let anything or anyone get in your way as those 14 weeks will be the best weeks in your life

    want to say my thanks to 4 troop staff no names but they know who they are.....

    now my next stage is phase 2 at bovington.....and i start there on the 18th of november

    so anyone that needs any info on atr winchester then give me a shout and ill try helping you out

    goodluck to those that go winchester soon
  2. Well done Killergibbo. Contrary to a lot of peoples opinion including mine you made it. fair play to you.
  3. Well done!

    (It's still not too late to get into a decent Cav Regt too.....! ;) )
  4. Well done fella - Good luck with all the rest of your training!

  5. :clap: Many congratulations to you and your oppos and good luck for the future!
  6. whats your trade going to be?
  7. Well done fella and good luck with your phase 2!

    I'll be heading down to Winchester in February myself. Any handy pointers?
  8. well done mate.

    I'm there in Jan
  9. well done.

    im off to lichfield in a couple of weeks.

    be interested to know, what did you think was the hardest part?
  10. Well done, mate. I remember you posting you'd even started and now you've passed out. Good luck at Bovvy, I'm back there at the moment on my D&M course (I'm a returning phase 3 gunner). It's changed quite a bit in the few months since I was there in June. They've moved all the recruits down to Stanley barracks whilst they do whatever work they are supposed to be doing to the old Sandhurst block. And now there are these junior rank type things, so you've got all these recruit Lance Corporals walking about.

    Anyway, enjoy Bovvy, I did and still am.
  11. i think the worse week i ever had at winchester was on week 8 and thats half way execise me if hurts and the weather will get to you for the first time plus the 2 mile tab in and out and getting bugged out at silly hours in the morning......but after christmas i hear that winchester is only taking 16 year olds on there is that true??

    my trade will either be gunner or driver.....think i most want to be a driver but we will see what happens once am there
  12. Not true. I'm there after crimbo
  13. ATR Winchester is going to be the Junior ATR (16yrs). Pirbright will be the main ATR along with Lichfield. Bassingbourn is turning into a Depot. think there are plans for an all female ATR as well.
  14. well linchfield is closing in april i heard! is that true?
  15. Really? 16 Year olds? I should be starting Basic in March for Int Corps, so does anyone know where a possible location for this could be?