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ATR Winchester HELP!!!

HEllo boys and girls!

im off to start phase 1 in a few weeks and am just after some last min help and check ups!

i'm very, very much already apart of military life since i have grown up living all over the place with the army however there are a few bits and bobs i would like to confirm before i go.

its very very very HOT these days and i just want to ask how much CIVI kit i will need to take???? For example how many shorts, t-shirts, trousers etc.

THIS IS CIVI kit ONLY. i mean i cant really see me needed much as i'll be busy busy busy!

what will i need and how much of it. THANKS
1 x tracksuit
2/3 x t shirt
1 x shorts

will do you sound, you wont get chance to wear civvie stuff, specially in the 1st 6 weeks

i usually wear my div tracksuit aFTER HRS
cheers pal


my suit (for france)
swim kit
sports kit
and a pair of trousers, tops for time off in ther afternoon


OH also one last question mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do i wear when i get off at the station????
i did have planned to wear smart jeans and a shirt with neat black shoes but some one told me not to wear jeans! and to wear tracksuit trousers but thats not smart.

???????? ANYONE?

Stick with your initial reaction - generally most recruits wear either jeans with a shirt / etc or a suit. I have seen ripped shorts, old combat trousers and a full football strip before now - none of which set the tone.

Also make sure you have your personnal documentation handy (ie at the top fo your case / bags becuase you will need to did them out when you go through your initial documentation when you arrive).

When are you due to start training at ATR(W) ?
28th may (4 weeks time). as a royal engoneer pal!

cheers for your tips.

i was pretty sure to start with but i just wanted to be safe rather than sry.

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