ATR Winchester - Food Quality or lack of it......


G'Day Fine ARRSErs,

I had the great pleasure of attending the ATR (Winchester) passout parade this Friday gone and I have to say that the 48 guys on parade did the Army proud; well done them!

After said parade had finished the guests were invited to the DFAC for a meal and, sadly, it turned out to be the most disgusting meal that I've had the displeasure of attending in my 30+ year career.

I did ask a few of the recruits about the food quality during PH1 Trg and they reaffirmed to me that the "food was like this all the time".

If that is the case then somebody in the MOD, with influence in catering contracts and catering delivery, needs to get their fat lazy arse down to the ATR asap and address the poor quality pig slop that is currently being served up to our young men and women.

If these young people can be bothered to sign on the dotted line for service in the Army then it's not unreasonable to think that we can feed them properly with food that has taste and nutrition.

Enough said,


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