ATR Winchester 3/3/08

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by icemann, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. just let you lads know passed adsc this week what a great 2days

    anyone attending ATR Winchester march 3rd let us know
  2. Well done mate!
  3. congrats, what was your run time how many chinups u manage ?
  4. LOL iceman no way! I am ATR Winchester 3rd March 2008. Congratulations on passing ADSC mate. I'm going RAC Queens Royal Hussars at the moment but trying to get it changed to Infantry.. what are you going in?
  5. Well done mate! :)

    Did everyone pass?
  6. Won't you be going to Catterick if you go Infantry? :?
  7. yup but as I said at the moment I'm still going to Winchester to join the Royal Armoured Corps, I phoned my recruiter yesturday to ask if I can get swapped over to the Infantry, so he's phoning around to check, if all goes well I'll be going to Infantry Training Centre Catterick, however as it stands at the moment I'll be going to ATR Winchester for Phase 1 training. ghey.
  8. 9mins 30 pissing down not my best must say pb is 8:03 but the pt sess took most out me doing squat jumps fucked the thighs haha did 10 chins which is ok but whole 2days were great lads i was there with were good bunch prince william was there
  9. lol Prince William was there? o_O at the actuall ADSC or the ATR?
  10. pirbright wednesday doing the rounds checking on how the recruitment selection process was doing and operating i was just sat there like a mellon

  11. I will be there, I am one of the ones called Corporal!!! well done for getting this far! See you in march!
  12. sure il enjoy the beastings corporal give me your best that way when i pass out il know i may have the hard treatment but il f@^@:kin ready
  13. what do you want to do in the infantry
  14. I wanna go 1 RIFLES, then maybe join Recce? who knows, just wanna get to the Infantry first, then decide =] I really don't want to be stuck in a hot sweaty tank!