ATR Winchester - 29th October 2007???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Vinnylppd, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    I passed selection at ADSC Glencorse on 27th Sept.

    Im off for basic at Winchester on the 29th October... Anyone else going???!
  2. lucky git wish i only had to wait a month to start basic, anyway good luck
  3. that was quick! i passed selection in march and start basic on 3rd december atr pirbright.
    good luck.
  4. I know - its come as a shock as to how fast im starting... could've done with abit more time to sort my upper body out... but oh well im sure PT Lessons will do that for me!

    Good luck at Pirbright! :)
  5. I start on the 29th mate
  6. hmm you might end up in C sqn, good luck with your phase 1, what are you joining as?
  7. Enjoy will be worked will be put under pressure..and they will produce what the Army needs..Soldiers..I had 4 cracking years their but still could get passed drill test one....nah, kiddibg i was a destructor, oops Instructor.

    Have fun work hard and have dignity, respect and integrity

    And don't try to shag matron in the med centre,,she's hooooooj
  8. EASY DON YA **** : D
  9. Hey, im starting Winchester on the 26th off novemer, 27 days cant wait!
    is my lack of swimming ability a problem, thats all im really worried about 2 b honest....
  10. If the women of Winchester were anything like when I was there you will be in for a good time :twisted: :wink: