ATR Winchester 12-26 Apr 2008

Hey guys

Just finished my 1C course at ATR Winchester this last Saturday. I would like to find out who the guest officer was, he was a full (TA) Colonel. Any ideas how I could go about getting that info? I googled it but there (unsurprisingly) nothing.

I was at your passing out parade, so I know who you are on about.

I don't know is name, but i will see if i can find out for you. Will follow, why do you need to know?
Well he had an interesting award around his neck and I want to find out what it was. Some sort of maltese cross. Hopefully by finding out who he is I can find that out. Yes, Spotterish I know, but I am one of those military history freaks :)

Not General Parker,Commander reserve Forces? Has a decoration that looks like a Maltese Cross ( and as he is Colonel Commandant of the Rifles, he wears a Colonels' accroutements. )

Or however its spelt.

I dont think that it's him, although it might be something like that. I heard it was a general coming down but then when he arrived he was a colonel. He was wearing #2's (the brown ones). He said that he descended from King Robert the Bruce, so I take it he is Scottish.

Would it be ok to post a picture of the Colonel, or is that naughty? (OPSEC etc.)

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