atr winchester 11th of December 2006

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by shorting, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I am just curious to know if there any members due to start basic on the above date at atr Winchester.


  2. Im joining the RAC, phase 1 is at winchester but not sure if ill be there in december. Ive just sent off my med questionaire and passed my BARB so who knows?! Good luck though mate. What are you joining?
  3. Nope, I'm off in just over a week! I'm the medium height guy with the short brown hair. See you around!
  4. How many intakes does this place have in a year? 201 places for tank crewman altogether so plenty of space for a retard like me!!
  5. just wondering if there will be many rlc guys there as thats what im going in as.
  6. iv been there for 7 week and thers been 4 more intakes, and yes there is guite a few rlc but it is mainly armoured or air corps
  7. You might be able to tell me something then, exactly how much personal belongings can you take? I expect not much, and I doubt I'd have much time or anything, but would a laptop and speakers be totally out of the question?

    Just wondering, but I can actually manage being away from my computer for a while, so no bother.
  8. you do have quiet a bit of room in your civvi locker with a few draws in but i wouldn,t take alot of clothing for the first 7 week cos u dnt need them the only time you will is the battlefield tour in week four. and dont take alot of trainers because you have to wear theres. your right i have had no free time in the past 7 week but in later weeks you get the weekends off. and you can go into winchester for four hours after dinner. the first few weeks are boring theres alot of lectures but in week three it starts gettin good.

    when do you actually start
  9. The Monday the 16th of this month.

    I'm quite looking forward to it, as everyone I know who has been to Winchester says it's pretty nice.

  10. it is, i think it has the best accomadation plus it has duvets instead of sheets like with some places. i think when you come il jst be going on adventurous training in the brecon beacons
  11. im gessing that you have seen or been told that you can go into winchester for a few hrs? that sounds intresting. How has the pt been there?
  12. you can only go into winchester after week 7 jst for 4 hours at a time you gotta be back before 1800, but its not that big of a city. the pt gradually builds up, so it does get harder. im off back today so no more post from me. good look
  13. WHAT!!!!!! so no more bedblocks? what do the training staff throw out the windows now then? or is that not allowed anymore.

    Winchester is a good camp and a good night out but it will be a while before you get out on the town.

    Best of luck with your training, not sure if they still do it but they used to have badging interviews where they decide what regiment you are going to. Stand your ground with them and don't accept a regiment that you don't want to join. I was told that SCOTSDG had no places but i could join either 2RTR or KRH (both english regiments). I politely told them that i would rather go home and wait till SCOTSDG had a place. I was sent away and an hour later they had got me in.
  14. no there not allowed to throw stuff out the window. there not even allowed to throw your locker out, so they give other recruits 10 seconds to empty the other persons locker.

    the beds are comfy too, also if ur taller than 6 3 you can apply for a 7 foot bed, it feels good. but you still gotta iron it in the morning
  15. Quilts in training
    not allowed to throw things out windows.

    next you'll be telling me that they aren't allowed give you change parades with mess tin order. What is this world coming to!