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I'm interested in putting in for an ATR Pl Sgt position but, coming from a Corps which is not heavily represented within ITG, I'd like to know what the minimum and/or desirable qualifications are to take up that job. I already have SAA (which may be surplus to requirements as a Sgt) and know I would need Adv Drill Instr, but what else?

All sensible advice gratefully received. Waiting, out.......
Hi. I have done what you are wanting to do as an AGC SPS Sgt. The only Quals you need are as you have mentioned = SAA and Adv Drill. If you have anymore it would be helpful. I didn't teach SAA unless one of my Sect Comds was away due to course or illness, but I did teach drill, CBRN and BCDT as none of my Sect Comds had the Qual and I did. I also taught Map Reading a few times when the Pl Comd was skiving.

Good Luck with your posting. Which ATR are you looking at going to? I'm currently an instructor at Sandhurst, so if you decide that maybe an option for the future just get in touch.

Yea as TJay said. I am currently a Pl Sgt at ATR from the SPS. My main job is to teach drill. Other than that it is an admin roll booking transport etc. I have other quals and given other lessons but as before that was just to fill in when my training team was short or didn't have the relevent quals.
Thanks to you both; I'm looking into a posting to Pirbright in early 09 so I want to get fully qualled up prior to then, prefereably more than just the Drill Cse if possible. Just the small matter of a trip to another overseas location to do first, though.....

Again - thanks to you both.
I was a Plt Sgt at ATR W (SPS). Fantastic posting and you are right to want to go. Next to Sect Cdr there's no better job!

For TJ: You must be one of the first SPS RMAS instructors or one of only a few? Well done mate.
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