ATR Pirbright??

Steady lads! Im an ex tankie and old old enough to be your dad! My son has just started ATR Pirbright and is badged 2 RTR, (Im ex 3rd). I remember my basic back in the early 70's, when tankies were weird and tanks didnt work, well, not the engine anyway! They have only been there a week and loads seem to be dropping out already! Most are gunners and logistics, with a handful of donkey wallopers! Can anyone give me their appreciation of this place and training concerned. Lets say, 0 being pants and 10 being Brill! Comments most welcome please :?:
My lad is going in 12 days time, was originally scheduled to go there, but as he was told, he is now going to Bassingbourne, due to redevelopment at Pirbright, they are cutting down the numbers though there, same Phase one but different location, interesting to watch though, he's for the RLC.

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