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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dazza, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. Dazza

    Dazza Swinger

    Hi ppl starting basic at atr pirbright on 29th august anyone else starting then any advice and whats pirbright like
  2. It's sort of like a basic training depot but nowhere near as good, professional or as soldier like as Junior Leaders.
  3. Baghdad-Brit

    Baghdad-Brit War Hero

    It is like a place with grammar and punctuation (full stops, commas, question marks etc etc).
  4. Goku

    Goku Guest

    Steer clear of a fat, ginger, Scottish Cpl with the catch phrase “I’ll fcuking destroy you!!!”
  5. medman82

    medman82 Crow

    Two major downsides to Pirbright.

    1. its darn saarf

    2. Its full of guards types, shouting Sgt Maj's and people who like to refer to others as "oi chippy"

    You will enjoy your training, if you don't enjoy it you should transfer to be a civvie.
  6. Baghdad-Brit

    Baghdad-Brit War Hero

    Although it is amusing watching people on the AA Drill Cse standing with head in hedge giving themselves a damn good bolloking.
  7. Spursluv

    Spursluv Old-Salt

    Will be there myself at the end of October for my test at RSC, if you get a chance let me know more of what it's like there as there is where I will be doing my basic training too.
  8. makeorbreak

    makeorbreak Swinger

    im currently at atc (p) and going into week 8, its been pretty good so far, expect a beasting and dont take anything too seriously coz u gonna get massive alot and da boyz from pirbright will know wat that means,

    to your duties......fallllllllllll out !!!!!!!!!
  9. It's good to hear positive feedback from the depots nowadays,

    Makes a refreshing change :lol:
  10. Army_Rizzle

    Army_Rizzle War Hero

    da boyz @ pirbright r massive init.
  11. Shabba

    Shabba Old-Salt

    I start 23rd August, does anyone else?
  12. Would that be Sid ?
  13. Ex-Minden

    Ex-Minden Clanker

    Although you must have some amazing eyesight to see them in Catterick!!! :p
  14. anyone start 28th November?
  15. weirdelk

    weirdelk Crow

    I start 15th November :)... Good times, can't wait!