ATR Pirbright Phase 1

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Skitch, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Passed selection! Starting at Pirbright 18th Febuary for VM(A) training. :D

    Did my run in 10:08, 15 Heaves, Full length Jerry can carry, 10/10 Grenade test and 36/55 on Maths test! Maths test I only got to Question 40 or so, but yeah i'm extremely happy that I got into the top maths band and I passed!

    Sorry for another selection post :roll: But just wanted to say that buying a Heaves bar really helped out on the upper body so it's really reccomended if you wish to build upper body strength!

    Thanks for all the tips everyone gives on here, between now and Phase 1 I need to work mainly on Swimming and Running (Haven't been swimming for 3+ years :x )

    Good luck anyone with upcoming selection!
  2. Ooh, I'm the week after you!

    Congrats on passing!
  3. Congrtaulations, and well done on 15 heaves, I can only manage 8-10. Any tips for building the number off hevaes up Skitch?
  4. Thanks :) I was able to do 8 heaves straight away when i bought the bar, Basically I started by not doing best effort for the first week of doing heaves, but did about 5 every time i: Left the room, entered the room, made a drink, and went to the toilet. This got my arms more used to the heaves and helped me create a good technique that worked best for me.

    After about a week and I had my technique right and was used to heaves, I started doing Maximum effort but only every time I entered and left the room, when i woke up and when i went to bed and just at any random time then i was bored. By this time my max effort was about 10.

    After another week of doing heaves I just did them whenever during the day and always before I had a shower lol- I dident really have a schedule after 2 weeks of doing them.

    My advice would be to use 1 week to get your technique right, and instead of doing max effort just do about 1/2 your max effort, at least 7 times a day.
    Week 2+ Just do max effort over 5 times a day now that you have your technique sorted.

    Thats all I really did, its just all about practice and making your own technique I think! Good luck!

    Edit: Also using a metal bar was killing my hands at first. (mine hasnt got grips) But I got used to it, but it can still hurt a little after doing like 10. The one at the ADSC is Wooden so its a softer material and your whole hand has a grip on the beam so it doesent get uncomfortable!
  5. Gogo Soozi! Might see you there but not even know who the hell you are :D Regardless, Thanks and the best of Luck to you too!
  6. Congrats on passing! I'm waiting on another selection date (deferred with a heart murmur) hopefully get a date for early November. What Regt and Trade are you going for Skitch?
  7. Going in the REME for Vehicle Mechanic (A) :) I was the only guy at ADSC Lichfield going for REME lol, I was amongst many people joining Rifles and Para's :)
  8. Well done that man, A mech is gods trade. Get yourself over to the REME forum if you have anymore Qs.
  9. Will do Blazing_spanners, thanks!
  10. Do they still do the Bleep Test at recruit selection..??
  11. I'm starting on the 24th Feb but good luck hope you do well!
  12. Thanks for the advice, will get a heave bar, my door frame is loosing its appeal now.
  13. Just make sure you get permission from the householder to put some screws in your door frame! (Unless you're the owner) :roll:
  14. prepare2double, i didnt do a bleep test last week when i went.

    Nice going Skitch! I start at pirbright on monday, seems like a good place in terms of accomodation, brand new!
  15. So you done your selection last week and you go to phase 1 on Monday? If so there is still hope for me getting out of my current job before x-mas lol. And yeah Pirbright looks like its getting some new blocks and a fresh lick of paint.