ATR Pirbright July 16th.

Hey im re-enlisting to the army and have been told (not confirmed yet but more than likely) will be off to ATRP on the 16th of july if i remember, anybody else going there dont care if its exactly same date but if you are let me know, and add me on msn

addicted_2_guitar @ hotmail . co . uk

im joining the Army Air Corps as groundcrew spec.

let me know if you know anymore details on this intake, plus if you alredy been to pirbright if you are based there to all you royal anglians, let me know what the camp is like, i was at ATR bassingbourn and had the best training facilities, running grounds, assault course etc. whats this place like, i heard they upped the grade of SLA and the recruits blocks???

cheers Glenn.
Hello mate, iam also re-enlisting into the ARMY.
Iam off to Pirbright on the 14th July, iam joining the RLC as a driver.

My younger brother went through ATR Pirbright a few months ago, he said all the recruit blocks were "new build" and in very good condition.

He didnt tell me any info on facilities, cant ask him either as hes in Afghan now.

My e-mail is:

Triggy... :wink:
Hey buddy oh nice one, maybe if 14th of july is the confirmed date then that may be the same as when im going in :D

So your re-enlisting too, glad to see i won't be the only one, wouldn't like to be the 'grandad' of the platoon/troop lol

Ill add you on msn now and have a chat with you whenever your next online, so where was your last ATR posting?


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