ATR Pirbright february/march

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lemons, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Anyone going Feb or march 08? I dont know which one i will be in yet, il be joining household cavalry
  2. if you dont know yet it probly wont be feb. i assume you have passed adsc? i will be going to Hcav in feb.
  3. Surely, if it was Feb this year, you'd know by now??
  4. :) Yeah saintstones right on this one i passed adsc on 22nd of january then went and got my dates for march the 16th so youre probaly starting in march.
  5. i start pirbright on the 26th of may.....joining the r.e, maybe see you guys there..
  6. I have just been passed medically fit by my doctor, (06/02/08) My advisor is off the week so ill be ringing the office first thing monday morning. Ive got my job decription and everything like that down to a tee. So hopefully ill get my interview out of the way and get a date for selection. I was hoping for a date in February but probably March is a more realistic time frame, im running the mile and a half in 11 minutes easy so at full wack hopefully ill get it nearer 10 mins at selecion, which id be very happy with. The only thing im struggling with is the press/sit ups, i can do about 20/25 before i feel like collapsing! lol does anyone think this will be good enough for selecion. Im hoping to go into the RE as a driver. So i guess ill be seeing some of you guys soon!
  7. My start date is 24th March Pirbright. Joining Royal Artillery so may start same day as me.
  8. RE = royal engineers they do phase 1 at lichfield mate(i think). are you thinking of the REME?

  9. I think they do it all over the place nowadays (ooh err missus)

    The RLC boys are coming from everywhere BUT pirbright which is where all the females go, regardless of cap badge
  10. na dude lichfield is closing in april....r.e according to my a.f.c.o are doing phase1 at pirbright....
  11. Sorry, could you clarify that for me, please? I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Surely female trainees aren't segregated from males during Phase 1?
  12. why on earth wouldn't they be?
  13. The most common argument against women serving in the front lines is that their presence would "lower the standards" of our front line units, which may be a fair point, considering the discrepancies between the genders in terms of physical, and therefore, fighting ability.

    But it then seems contradictory to me to segregate the genders. Naturaly, I'm assuming that this segregation is for the purpose of "female-friendly"(aka diluted) training, and not just to maintain decency in matters of accomodation, etc. If my assumptions are incorrect, please right me.

    I'm just afraid that my training will end up being sub-par simply because of my sex.

    It's more than a little dissapointing. Ah, well. I just hope I won't be taught baking and embroidery between drills. :p
  14. see you when you all get off the bus. anyone with a baseball cap gets made troop mong.
  15. Anyone at Pirbright for the 5th May joining the AAC?