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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jamiey, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. is anyone going to pirbright on the 30th june?

    if so pm me and i will add you on msn

    cheers guys,

    whats it like up there anyway?
  2. im waiting for intake date for pirbright atm! good luck though! hoe you enjoy it!!!
  3. when did u pass adsc? and where?
    what you doing also?
  4. i passed adsc about 2 weeks ago just over , im joining the RE as a driver/operator but ive still not heard from my recrutment centre with a date :( seriously starting to get itchy from waiting lol

    and did my adsc at litchfield :)
  5. yeah, im starting on 30th june, cant wait!
    Where did you do selection jamiey?
  6. Yer my AFCO told me I am starting at Pirbright on the 30th although I still aint recieved it in writing. Have you?
    Add me on msn:
  7. Liverpool561

    i did it at adsc glencorse on the 28-29th may you?
  8. also yes recieved in writing doing my oath on the 11 junes at 0900 hrs then pirbright at june 30th

    carnt wait
  9. Jamiey:

    Yeah i did glencorse, but way back in march, i've been waiting ages for june to come.
    Ive got my attestation on friday 13th, what a day to do it!

    Getting excited now!
  10. my oath hasnt been done yet, dam paper work something wrong with my change of name deed or something but still going to pirbright on june 30th any one else coming yet?
  11. hendo am joining Royal Engineers 2 i passed selection i n september las year n am goin 2 atr pirbright august 11th n am doin specialist driver/operator wb
  12. yea i,m off to pirbright on the 30th where u travelling from?
  13. me from barnsley

    barnsley, sheffield, london, brookwood
  14. not long left now carnt wait see u all tomoz
  15. Good luck lads. I passed out of Pirbright on Friday. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut and you'll be fine.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.