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is anyone going to pirbright on the 30th june?

if so pm me and i will add you on msn

cheers guys,

whats it like up there anyway?
i passed adsc about 2 weeks ago just over , im joining the RE as a driver/operator but ive still not heard from my recrutment centre with a date :( seriously starting to get itchy from waiting lol

and did my adsc at litchfield :)
Yer my AFCO told me I am starting at Pirbright on the 30th although I still aint recieved it in writing. Have you?
Add me on msn:

Yeah i did glencorse, but way back in march, i've been waiting ages for june to come.
Ive got my attestation on friday 13th, what a day to do it!

Getting excited now!
my oath hasnt been done yet, dam paper work something wrong with my change of name deed or something but still going to pirbright on june 30th any one else coming yet?
hendo am joining Royal Engineers 2 i passed selection i n september las year n am goin 2 atr pirbright august 11th n am doin specialist driver/operator wb
Hey all,

Just wanting to find out if there are any other recruits starting at ATR Pirbright on September 8th?

I also wanted to find out if it is normal to have a male and female intake on the same day, or if there has been a "possible" mistake with my intake. I have no idea how these things work, and I'd really hate for my intake to be delayed due to a admin error - though, tbh, it maybe me thinking the worst.

I would pester my recruiter, but I've think if I call him anymore, I may just disappear :lol:


Alright mate. September intake myself, 15th or that I think. Didnt you get a letter from you're ACIO listing you're oath and intake date. I'd ring up if you're that worried. What corps or reg?
Hey Goony,

Yes, I've received my attestation papers with intake and oath dates.

Just a bit worried that I've not been able to find any males on the same intake - 3 females have confirmed, though :d

I'm joining RSigs as CSEng.

So you start a week later? What cap badge/trade are you joining?
Does Pirbright have weekly intakes?
Int corps myself. To be honest you probably know more than me. Monday the 15th date for me so im guessing its weekly intake. Plus would it really be that bad if you got mix in with the females? lol

P.S check you're PM.
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