ATR Pirbright 28th July

Bad new's.. Just got a phone call from the AFCO telling me its been changed.

I now start on the 25th of August at Bassinbourn in Royston..

That makes it a 21 week wait since passing ADSC.

If anyone else's date gets changed to 25th of August and at bassingbourn let me know I want to know if its just me.
apparently its becuase there will be no training staff in Pirbright on the 28th.


Hey Hey, ill be starting my basic then aswell. Just started rambling around for the gear on that list. Credit cards gonna sting this month.

Hows your training going then?
I start basic on the 28th at Pirbright aswell. Starting to buy bits and pieces of kit myself, and I know what you mean about the old credit card!!! Looking forward to it now, but also starting to get a bit nervous when I think about it. Just want to get there now though, as I will have waited 6 months between passing selection and starting phase 1. Good luck to you all I will see you there.


Phew 6 months! You must be going the more popular tech jobs. Ive been through 3 jobs in six months, ha! Fair play for sticking with it for that long though, its only round the corner now.

Likewise i cant wait to be there, good time of year to doing it aint it? Cant say im looking forward to the post run betty swallacks though :) . The food aint half bad either from the rumours ive heard.

BTW theres a few pirbright vids on youtube if you havent seen them. The barracks look waaaay better than you'd think.
I am going in the AAC so dont think its a tech job as such, just assuming that there are not many vacancies in the AAC. It will be 9 months from walking into the AFCO to starting basic so you could say its been a while!! Not complaining though as I am sure it will be worth it in the long run. I think the hardest part has been keeping up with the training. Have been training 5 days a week since March and it gets boring after a while. Hopefully the PT at basic will be a bit more interesting than running and working out on my own? I am sure it will be alot harder though?!! Good luck to all who are starting on the 28th and I look forward to seeing you there.

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