ATR Pirbright 25th Aug?? Any other females out there??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Shenda, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. I have just passed selection and will be starting Phase 1 training @ Pirbright on 25th Aug.... Anyone else out there been given these dates? I'm pretty sure it's just females for this date?
  2. ooooooo i might be goin then! i was disappointed cos i was supposed to be goin in on july 16th but i will more than likely, if not definately be goin then if thats the next intake after july.....

    so on that note ill probly see you ther :D
  3. oh yeah btw, im male not female (forgot to notice the title of thread...)
  4. Shenda..... When did you do selection? Didnt happen to be last thursday did it :)
    Ive got a provisional date to start in september but my AFCO has said this may get moved forward. Soooo.... mabe i will be ther at the same time as you.

  5. I passed middle of May and they ahave given me date for basic in NOVEMBER???
  6. I had selection on the 22-23rd May, But i think they put yo into basic training in time with the phase 2 training you will have. it depends on the regiment you are going into and the quota they have to fill the positions available. I am going into the signals reg. so its been timed along with the phase 2 training to ensure the entire programme rolls into each other as apposed to having a 6 week break inbetween phase 1 and 2.
    I was wondering if you train in mixed sex or is it all female or male only?
  7. hey am going 2 pirbright august 11th any lads or gals going then????
  8. well im goin reme.... avionics tech. been told either aug or sept. im sick of waitin for an official date.
  9. Pirbright has changed from an ATR to an ATC now, so therefore is mixed sex, used to be a female only training camp but they refurbished the whole place, also the 1 Royal Anglian infantry is based there too.
  10. Oh cool, not so bad, I can get to whoop some of the guys arses too! lol!
  11. The trg is only with the same sex though.

    I am supposed to be going straight to phs 2 which is in question at the moment due to my op tour being over 2-3 years ago so we shall see.

    Shenda...u say you passed selection 22/23 May? I was on that one at Pirbright.
  12. Yes it was on the 22-23rd May, my real name is Kimitra, my nickname is shenda, are you female? Did we do selection together, I was the only girl applying for the Intel Core?
  13. I was female the last time I responded to your post! :)

    I was on the one with annoying chavs wearing pink tracksuits who kill animals illegally!!?? Oh how I wanted to do the same to her!

    I don't remeber your name.

    Well done and Good luck.

    I was No.1 :)
  14. Anyone else goin pirbright in august goin for RLC?
  15. I'll be going round that time...not sure but dates yet. Joining as a Amunnition Technician hopefully