ATR Pirbright 24th Febuary 2008

Hey Mrs_Sting, I got a letter yesterday, pulling my date forward to the 24th Feb, so I'll be joining you after all!
Hahaha, I was wondering if I'd already told you CMT or not! Lol.
Yeah I'm pleased with that, wondering if its anything to do with this 17 weeks basic for girls though, cos they've brought both our dates forward by 3 weeks, so unsure. You heard anything about that?
i know what you mean, i was thinking it was that 3 weeks PT that all us girlies have to do just want to start my basic.
Grow up? i'm hurt....oh, and when the training team raise their voices, just tap them on the shoulder and say 'Excuse me , there's no need to shout'....or a far more effective method, is to convey the same message with a look of contempt'll help if you stare them in the eye while doing this.. they will appreciate your advice at all times, so don't be shy, especially when you know better than them, it's only fair to tell them where they're going wrong, you're be making them much better instructors and they will thank you for me.
you are such at childish prat!!!
I think i know when to give respect and how to behave,
what are you some prat thats only on here to give s##t! look if you have nothing nice or useful to say dont bother messaging.
you are the definition of a "loser".
ha ha, i'm a childish prat now, started it with the stupid hair dye and why do 3 weeks of PT's like if you set yourself up as a target people will shoot at you....i'll get some of my training Depot NCO's mates to say hello to you..a brief look at your pers docs should help, seeing as you've told everyone all about prepared for everyone to help you get off your high horse step by step, day by day..don't worry, we'll make something useful out of you yet..might even give you a dose of humility too...ooh, that will be a first eh? stop biting, can't you see i'm having fun everytime you take the bait?....and you're right, am i a loser(and you would know?) that's why i'm the Depot RSM trying to weed out chavettes like you....your comment 'i think i know blah,blah,blah..' says it all...

and wait to you start training, you'll be surrounded by childish prats..most of them of a higher rank than you...guess what that means?..yep, you have to follow their orders....first time for everything eh?
If your the RSM then I'm the Major General now go and take your face for a shit.
If you really was the RSM your reg must be in shit, you sound like you couldn't run a bath never mind a battalion.
that's what i like about you, so reactionairy..'if i really was the RSM.....'..HA HA...i bet my first ten examples of 'introductions to army life' will have you spouting off for hours...i'll be waiting for you when you get off the bus luv.

hurry along now..we're looking forward to meeting you.
mrs_sting said:
Is anyone going to start training at Pirbright on the 24th febuary 2008???
Let's hope so I did all my Application but got deffered from Selection abck in July on medical so I missed all JE slots next JE slots I was Adult Entrant and my parents didn't want me to join so soon as adult(17) however now that my parents will let me join as an adult as they changed their mind I will hopefully be re-doing selection as early as 22nd Oct as the recruiting office I go to just passed someone up for that date so if I do pass I guess I will be going then because as I want Infantry I'm right in saying that's where you go? Is it really as late as late Feb what will I do for months if I can go on 22nd and pass? lmao
Infantry is at Catterick and as I'm a female i wouldnt be allowed there.
But i wish you luck and hope you do well.
Mayeb I'm wrong and I do but isn't that's Phase 2 I'm talking phase 1...

This is from ATR Pirbright Army page.

"Welcome to the Army Training Regiment Pirbright (ATR(P)) home page. We are the largest phase one training establishment within Initial Training Group (ITG). We are responsible for the delivery of instruction to Standard Entry (SE) Soldiers Under Training.

The Regiment is situated in the heart of Surrey about 3 miles from Junction 3 of the M3 near Woking.

The course that we deliver is called Common Military Syllabus Standard Entry (CMS(SE)). At present the course is 14 weeks long and is made up of basic military skills which are taught by military and civilian instructors of the highest calibre. He at ATR(P) we ensure that the basic rule of train in and not select out is applied. So you can be assured that you will receive the best instruction the Army can provide during your stay at ATR(P)."

This is from ATR Lichfield Army page.

"Our Mission is to train recruits in order to:

* Meet the standards required by Common Military Sylabus(Recruit).
* Provide the necessary inflow to Phase 2 training.
* Inculcate and develop the habit of soldiering."

Both teach CMS So I dunno, are you sure your going to Pirbright? lol considering your a women and can't do Infantry...

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