ATR Lichfield

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mercgirl, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone give any hints/tips on what to expect at this glorious establishment for TAFS 2? :)
  2. how long are you there for - 2 weeks?
  3. yes, 2 weeks m-t-s ty!
  4.'ll have issued kit already but expect to get some more...take a big hold-all...take all your kit

    take allot of PT kit

    take stuff to make you comfortable - mini radio,computer DVD, sweets etc... TAKE A PADLOCK because theaving gippos are everywhere on ATRs

    take an iron...and maybe an ironing'll have lots of inspections...maybe take some soap powder to hand wash dirty kit?

    try to have clean Barracks clothing (smart and ironed stuff whilst in camp) and 'field' clothing for running about in woods etc..(or whatever AGC do)

    take civvies for the Naafi bar (if you're able to go)...lots of paper and files for notes etc (in classroom and in the field conditions)

    Prepare to go into the 'field' - so waterproof your kit'll poss. be out in the ulu for 2-3 days!

    Most importantly, take a car to escape on weekend leave! doubles up as a giant locker too

    good luck
  5. Mercgirl - see you there!
  6. Ah ATR Lichfield! Take cleaning things with you, standard polish, dusters, jay-cloths etc makes life a whole lot easier when sorting out accomodation. Don't let them out of your section mind as they probably won't come back.

    A lot of things will be based on what your training team is like. Read the JI's, and get genned up on everything you need to know. Don't argue with/answer back to the DS, you'd be surprised how many people do. Saying that don't be afraid of them either, they're professionals doing a job, if you've got problems use the chain of command and everyone will be happy.

    You'll probably hit 'The Quarry' on one of your plentiful PT sessions, and there's some fun running routes. Try your hardest, and don't start walking - keep moving, impresses the socks off the DS and avoids a beasting, start monging it and you'll be binned.

    Meat Feast Pizza's from NAAFI are to be recommened.

    Field ex is fine, probably chilly this time of year but just listen to your DS and folks at your unit. Best and only real advice I had from my mob was 'Don't fail'.

    Padlocks -take a few, and if you have a car then take that, the locker needs to be kept in a prescribed order - anything else should be hidden away in bags/car/wherever and locked up.
  7. thanks for all the advice guys, in other words, take absolutely everything you can think of, keep your head screwed on and work hard! Scary stuff!
    Jimbleep, when are you going there, me - in November, dont mind cold, just want to get on with it.
    Locker/room inspections theyre ok, im always the one to motivate the others in the dorm.
    Cant wait, but just think not to dread it but to look forward to it! Positive frame of mind and all that!
  8. Any further advice would be much appreciated, and taken on board!
  9. tagging this thread, am there
  10. ATR Lichfield, what a joy! The quarry, two steps forward one backward from what I remember..
    The accomodation was a bit naff but so are all ATR's. Remember seeing a hovel of a farmhouse from my barrack room that was easier to see with a SUSAT!

    If you are lucky, you might, just might get one of the new barrack blocks that the RAMC were given when I was there in 93. There are no local amenities nearby and lots of dull depressing countryside to run round.

    Two weeks, a holiday compared with several months!
  11. Just a holiday, well will pack me bags in earnest! Cant wait for the quarry tho.
  12. When are you going? I'm off there at the end of this month.
  13. Will be going mid-November.
    Anyone else attending or can give any more further advice (happy memories!).
  14. I've been given the same advice as someone else gave above - "Do as you're told, don't talk back and it's easy". No matter how much I ask I don't get told much else though.

    My fitness is my only concern but I'm fitter than many recruits so I think I'll be Ok.
  15. Like you l-t-w my fitness, as with most people I suspect is my main concern.
    Do press ups, sit ups, and runs (on heathland and concrete). Its so difficult I find to motivate by
    yourself. Dont actually know how good or bad I am doing. But then on TAFS 1 I was fitter than
    the other female recruits, but then you dont know what standard others will be on TAFS 2, or what
    is to be expected. That is what I would like to know, what is to be expected on the fitness side of it.