ATR lichfield staying open?


Was at ADSC a few weeks back and im sure I heard one of the corporals mention something about Lichfield closing, i've also heard that rumour on this forum aswell.

Just got my dates through (already told the dates verbally on the phone) and it says so-so date at ATR Lichfield, if i start in mid january i probably won't finish until near enough the end of april so it can't be closing can it?

they surley wouldnt send me there knowing that I have to change ATR's during my phase 1?, or would they?:p



ATR Lichfield will stay open until April 2008, so all the courses that start there will complete there. If you are finishing mid-April you may be on the last course, but apart from the queue in the cookhouse getting shorter it should not affect training. Enjoy it!

Field exercises might be a bit fresh in the mornings ... but not as bracing as Catterick.

from what I heard from my troop staff, it will be changed to a RAMC training camp, though the queues are certainly still long and serving more crap as the days progress.

Supposedly troops starting in january will be the last at Lichfield before being moved to other ATR's (several have already relocated to Pirbright)

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