ATR Lichfield question.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kingpin, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. I'm guessing that most on here have passed through ATR Lichfield. I am about to start phase 1 training very soon. I have been given the list of equipment to take with me i.e. clothing and such. However, there is no mention of iron and ironing board. Without doubt I will take an iron as it's so obvious to take it doesn't need to be on a list, but I have been told by my mate, who is serving in the Royal Engineer's at Lichfield, that I don't need to take an ironing board as they have them in the blocks? Is this true or not from anyone's experience? Maybee as I am joining the R.Sigs he is trying to stitch me up.
  2. Well when I went in they said they had Ironing boards but when I got there,there wasn't and had to buy 1 from the Spar shop.Not a good idea because they're utter shit.Take your own even if you do look a nob on the first day who'll be laughing when your the one with the decent Ironing board when you need to do your first locker inspection and don't buy a wilko's £5.99 1 make sure it could with stand a rake thing bird lieing on it.
  3. I remember hearing about some knobber a few intakes before me at Harrogate that ironed a shirt while wearing it. I suggest taking a strudy board and your own Iron instead. Not been to Litchfield but have worked at the Med Centre at Bassingbourne and the recruits were always moaning about having no ironing facilities.
  4. My advice. Anything you take will be a bonus to you and an assett to your room.

    On exercise you will learn to share things, but do not assume someone will turn up with something that you do not have.

    Take an iron, ironing board, can of starch to start you off, polish, Sylvet cloth or what ever you use to bull your boots with now (if you are a cadet).

    Maybe a tub of Cylitt bang/vanish or whatever you think will help you.

    Oh, and that guy who attempted to iron the shirt whilst he was wearing it, he was in my intake.

    We didn't laugh too much!!!!!

    He was in Rawson, as were two others who had ironing incidents. One lad took the mick out a lad whilst he was ironing. The lad that had had the micky taken out of him, promptly punched the micky taker (red hot iron still in hand!!!)

    Apparently the scar was quite impressive, as was the lads excuse of "I didn't realise I still had it in my hand"

    Ah, Rawson Sqn. Ra, Ra, Rawson.
  5. ATR Lichfield will provide iron and ironing boards for each room. The quality varies drastically, however, but you should have access to one. You will find it an advantage having your own iron/ironing board, as you will spend a considerable amount of time ironing!!!

    As with most other establishments, there is a requirement for the ATR to privde a "Safe Environment" to work. This includes the use of electrical equipment, and one of the things you MUST do is have your iron, and any other electrical equipment, inspected and certified as safe before using it.

    If you want any further information, have a look at ATR Lichfield's web page for some useful information. If you want any further information, PM me.

  6. A few lads in Scott Troop did this in my intake too. Half of the males in our troop were wandering about with nice big, red scars on their necks.
  7. Or, you could just bully others into doing your kit
  8. Ah. The famous "primrose" wit - well, at least half of it anyway.

    When somebody genuinely asks for help, why do you see the need to comment by posting useless drivel and unhelpful remarks?

    Thank you for your opinion. You obviously have put a lot of thought into it. Your contribution has been noted - now BORE OFF!

  9. Thank you everyone for your help, much appreciated.
  10. Message received Ghost, thankyou for the advice
  11. Check your PM, primroseandblue

  12. jest265 wrote

    Scott Troop? Who are they? :-D
  13. You two have a bit of history or summat? It's like a bitchfest at twenty paces.
  14. Handbags at dawn, how frightfully frightful - cnuts.
  15. I've been reading this thread for a while now and am wondering if I have missed something. I thought R Signals training took place in Bassingbourne, am I out of touch?