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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by paddy-irishman, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. my recruiter has jus told me that i wont be able to make it on to the Phase 1 course at ATR Lichfield, beginning on the 27th August. obviously i am gutted, but does anyone no when the nxt 1 is at Lichfield, i have heard that it myt even be as long away as January '08!!!!

    goin for sigs if tht helps
  2. is there not another ATR you can attend?
  3. The only person you should be asking this question to is YOUR recruiter or Senior Recruiter who will have all your information on the system. The phase 1 basic course goes on the Phase 2 trade date afterwards so if your Recruiter has told you your not able to go on August 27th its because allocations have booked that course up and will load you on the next available course at what ever ATR it decides on. Your other option if your that desperate to get in sooner is speak to your recruiter and ask him if your second preference has dates sooner and if he could change it. In both cases your Recruiter is the best person to speak to.
  4. As far as I'm aware. All Sigs phase 1 is now going to be at Pirbright.
  5. i no a lad thats going lichfield on the 10th of sept
  6. cheers for the replys lads,

    the reason i am not able to go on the 27th august intake is due to the careers office that i go to is moving (its in NI, so most small camps are closing), so all the information, and general admin, has to b moved, so every1s applications has been delayed.

    does any1 have any more info. on Pirbright takin sigs now instead of Lichfield, i always thought it was just Lichfield.