ATR lichfield closed?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. just wondering has lichfield finished being an ATR, i know a few phase 2 courses that havent gone through cheers
  2. This topic has featured before on this site. Here's my input though!

    Clickety Click


    So no, it hasn't closed down...yet.

    hope this helps

  3. Okay so after that mental ping pong I can have confirmation finally that RE Basic Training will be held at ATR Bassingbourn. Hoorah.
  4. Wooo Finally I know where I'll be doing my basic! the Job Briefs my ACIO gave me say Lichfield, The Army MOD website says Pirbright, but you say Bassingbourn....

    hmmmmmmm :?

  5. Last day - 17th April with final passing off parade.

  6. I had my date come through last week, I start phase 1 22nd september at ATR Bassingbourn
  7. It will always be Depot PoW Div to me. Happy memories trying to buff the floors when you've put too much polish down, all brass and copper fittings on the sinks and rads and that f****** TV mast that never seemed to get any closer no matter how hard you ran towards it, the walk from Lichfield City station 'cos you spent all your money on leave.

    I stand to be corrected but isn't it supposed to become the new centre for training medics?
  8. I'd forgotten about the TV mast with the aircraft warning light. What fun on night shoots...."Just nip over there and fetch back that red light!"
  9. Does that mean ADSC Lichfield is closing down as well?