ATR Lichfield - 3rd December

Hi there,

Anyone starting there basic on this date?

Will be good to get to know pep before going down :)


inferno666 said:
Hi there,

Anyone starting there basic on this date?

Will be good to get to know pep before going down :)
I have come under a lot of stick lately for picking people up for spelling and grammar, is there any wonder.

This can't be the Army I joined all those years ago; we had to be able to string a fcuking sentence together!!

Fcuks sake!!! :x
Christ man, I was just trying to make my basic training easier by getting to know people before I get to Lichfield, but oh no, you have to pick up on my spelling? Chirst I know english, I've got an A-level in english language, don't post something out of spite.
I'm going in as an armoured engineer, i really can't wait :D
My current mile and half time is 9:57, im 18 :)
ah your older then me, im 17....i turn 18 in march which is somewhere late on in basic.

last time i checked i was running a 9:20 1.5 mile...i cant wait...
like 18 days left now.
haha no way man, im 19 on the 15th of march :) yeah i know same here, i did my oath 2 days ago and have just been eager to get in ever since, have just had a mate who's gone thorugh basic in winchester and has told me about all the fun things you go through lol
You'll like Lichfield and the area lads.. loads of fields and stuff to run round in/on/through.. enjoy ! I always shout encouragment to the lads on thier CFT's when Im passing them on my bike...
Lol cheers ex, yeah the 2 things im "looking foward" to are;

1.) Mile and half in chem/bio/nuclear suit i.e. running a mile and a half in a gas mask

2.) Stretcher race - 3 full jerry cans on a stretcher for 3 miles, apparently the adrenaline keeps you going :)
Inferno mate I dont know anything about training methods nowadays as I got out after 12 years in 2001... however what I do know is that carrying a stretcher is hard work but manageable if all 4 of you on it work as a team.. and as for the resi run.. better you than me mate ! I hated the damn things !

Good luck on your basic and work hard my friend... the lifetime of experiences you and your comrades will have will last forever.
Hello lads, might be joining you, doing selection next week, so hopefully my recruiting sgt will get me on that course. Going for Communications Systems Operator in the Sigs. How long was it between completing selection and starting Phase 1 for you lads?
mine was about 3 months, but that was because of my job choice and the next available intake.

apparently its more to do with phase 2 places as to the speed, because they need to work it so they follow on properly, not a two month gap between phase 1 and 2.
I did my selection in August or September I think... Was going to go in as an ammo tech although apparently my math wasn't upto scratch, ah well :)

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