ATR Lichfield 10th Sept!!

just got my joining instructions this morning,

anyone else going to Lichfield on the 10th?

anyone know what to expect, what its like down there,

where it is exactly?

cheers people

{excitement overload!!! :lol: }
Alright mate,

Yeah I'm off to Lichfield on the 10th. Can't wait :D :D :D Are you going in RE or Sigs! Also mate what time you travelling there and are you going to Lichfield city, or Lichfield Trent valley train station :?:

according to my papers ive got, im going from

chestefield to birmingham
and from birmingham to Lichfield {LIC}.....

no idea which one that is...

im going for RAC Crewman, if i dont get that i would be going for SIGS.

see you down there mate!
"LIC" thats a neumonic for lichfield city i can imagine. are you realy joining the army even i figured that out. and im going to be a driver lol.

edited for spelling like a driver :oops:
well, according to Just_Jay {cheers mate}

i'll be going to Lichfield City Centre.

as for times, im setting off from chesterfield at 8.35am to get to birmingham for 9.38

and im setting off from birmingham at 9.55 to Lichfield {LIC} at 10.33

but i might get the earlier train that sets off at 8.06 from chesterfield arriving at 10.03 in Lichfield, i dont want to be late!!

let me know how your going mate.
My train gets in a 10.03 as well (well i hope it does anyway), knowing my luck I'll get lost though! I think I set of at 6.55am I think I've got 3 changes but the bloke in the call centre in india wasn't to sure!

Have you got all you kit and that?
ive got a list of things to take, just the basics really,

the only thing i dont have is a tracksuit, as thats chavvy. :D

i was wondering what i could take instead of a tracksuit, as i usually run in shorts, so i think i'll just take shorts as i run in them whatever the weather.

do you perchance at some point arrive in birmingham?
i.e. your arriving at lichfield at 10.03 from birmingham?

if so i imagine i would see you at the Brum!
I'm not taking running kit. I know itt says to but you get your kit issued on day two, and your first fitness test isn't until day 4 ( I think), so I don't see the point!

I will be going to birmingham new street and then getting the train to Lichfield, but im not to sure what time I arrive at Brum!

You can get loads of your stuff from wilko's. Its a bit pikey, but you should get everything you need from there.
re0790 said:
You can get loads of your stuff from wilko's. Its a bit pikey, but you should get everything you need from there.
1. lol nobody will know its from wilkinson.
2. i got all my toiletries from there. but there all lynx etc. so doesnt matter.
2. whats more pikey-getting stuff from wilko or being a smelly pikey not cleaning. lol
3. its realy good in there. you can get coathangers towels. toiletreis. quite a high percent of the essential boot polish brushes. but the lay out of them tends to be awful.
agreed, Just_Jay.

wilko's is a pikey hellhole!!!!!!!

but i'd rather shop there than be a unclean piece of crap, and suffer the "regimental bath" - do they still do those? :?
re0790 how did you find selection, especially the Heaves,if you dont mind me asking........

and as for you Royal_Engineers!!!! :)
your an evil EVIL!!!!! man........
the women like to think of it as "the fire down below" :wink:

I really enjoyed selection. The hardest bit was being in a new enviroment. The heaves aren't bad. I did 16, and couldn't do any more, but there was people there who only did 1-2 pullups and still passed. Just try your hardest and do your best and you'll be fine.

The greatest corps in the word is the ROYAL ENGINEERS!!!!!

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