ATR Kit Lists...

Could anyone please send me a link for a ATR Kit List please, I Have browsed, just cant find one im afraid. I know I'll get one before I start just want to get prepared nice and early :D

OK Thanks Vinny! Just for the record Im joining Royal Engineers, so it would of been Lichfield, but now I believe its going to be at Bassingbourne.

.....or you could search the training wing forum......there is literally reams of advice on kit for phase 1.
Vince Noir is a Camden genius!

If there is one bit of advice I dont mind repeating its buy a really decent Iron, spend at least 50 quid. The NAAFI are cheap but useless.
One point on using old kit lists, beware they may have changed. Use them as a guide but wait till you get your proper one from the ACIO and make sure you stick to that one fully.
Mate, Thanks alot, I Really appreciate it!

Ive been to the careers office today and aparently im looking at the middle of April for a start date and ill have my information pack in the next few days! :D Well Happy!

Thanks Again!
I'm going to pirbright for basic 5th of may, and don't go to my local afco untill 16 of april, I think this is when they will give me my kit lists, not long 2 get it all eh? Luckilly i've done the same as yarco and looked on the site for the list 8) do i say this without sounding too arsy but theres no mention of an iron anywhere on that kit list, glad my mum offered buy me1...£60! :wink:
When i went to ADSC. On my last interview i was given a kind of booklet with a list of stuff in it, and the Major went through it highlight Iron £50+ etc... Just noticed to day he had crossed out get sports t-shirts etc.. And what did i just buy :( oh well just going to take it just in case.

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