ATR Bassingbourne - Passing out Parade 31 Oct 08

Quick Question for the DS at this fine establishment.

Mate of mine has a Brother on this parade - can he wear his twos or should he stick to Smart Civvies?

Thanks in anticipation.

Oh - I should say he is a Regular Soldier - should he go with or without medals - if Two Dress is ok?
Hey there your best bet is to get the soldier type person to ask his training team as to the ins and outs of it...
i would reccomend going in a whistle and flute or else you could get involved/confused not to mention all the saluting with the officers on the day..

hope this helps...


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Best to wear civvie suit, lest he get either spammed for a task, or picked up by the badge. Or worse, posted in as permanent staff.

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