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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by GonzoATRman, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Greetings have anyone got int on Bassingbourn as im trying to find out about the singlies accomodation.

    Im posted there as a full screw phase 1 instructor and as im coming over from Germany needed to know how much room im gonna have for kit in the new room.

    Currently i have a a king size bed a 3 seater couch in my room with computer desk and a little room to move about. If im able to fit that in the bunks then super but would be good to know in advance or pics. Ive already seen posts about the surrounding area and doesnt seem too bad so any more int is much appreciated cheers in advance.

  2. hey there,

    the rooms here arent the largest.... i would say that in the lines where you'll live have a flat type set up, utility room, wash room and 4 bunks, the rooms have a fitted desk type ledge with a 3 drawer thingy under it, a large 2 door and single door fitted lockers and the single one has a three drawer thingy in also... a single "divan" bed is supplied....

    there are terminals for satellite and phone so long as you sort out the contract and likes... a general tv aerial outlet.

    as for size they are approx 15' x 10'... sat at desk trying to remember the size of mine!!!!

    depending on which company you are in and the type of accn the SuT are in you may get a room in the lines for green stuff.

    hope this helps mate and see you there!!!!
  3. Ah thats great help cheers mate. Think i should be able to get all my kit in soundsw like the same set up as i have now. Ill be rocking up in December and start in Jan so ill see you there :D
  4. observing all the persec as requested...

    do you know your trg team??? i am of teh electric donkey lot and apparently there is a few arriving in jan - is this you???

    look forward to seeing you in the obvious for chilled refreshments...
  5. i know one other lad that is arriving same time as me as he is on the same skillies course as me at the end of the month. I aint seen any posting order yet or joining instructions for my course but im flying back from Telic soon so ill be able to find out what the hell is goin on and of course get some long awaited chilled refreshments down the LAD :)

  6. Ah. You wouldn't have served in Colchester and Aldershot at some stage then? Mr P?
  7. no never done neither,

    as for Gonzon up there by the TLA you added you wont see an assignment order till you done your course glasgow are like that, the important thing is to do a Criminal records bureau check asap, apply for ASLS as it you current units responsibility to get it sorted and there is a good 2-3 months wait for that one - there si a DIN on it with dates etc...