ATR bassingbourn?

Hi i just confirmed my intake date however the officer stated that i was down to join ATR bassingbourn, i was wondering if i was correct in thining that that ATR was for junior entries and seeing as i`am 19 and applying to join the RE that there might be a mix up of some kind? thank you for any help
oh right thank you for the response i thought that RE basic training was being held at pirbright

also the date i was given was the 22nd of september :S so long a wait!!!
that was just the transition period to bassingbourn i think. yeh i had a long wait for my phase one after ADSC the first time, just spend lotsa time on your phys and dont DOAR when you get there, its a bitch
I passed slection for the Royal Engineers on wednesday lads how long did it take the careers office to get you a date?
i took almost 3 weeks untill i got my date however i only found out by contacting them , still havent heard from my recruitment officer about a date for the oath or anything so no idea when he will get in touch 8O
my oath was 2 days before. don't threat its in their interest to get you in. welcome FRED's and don't embarass yourself or my corps!
i got a letter from my AFCO about 3 days after i passed selection confirming my date... Im going in as a Carpenter. Cheggars, I might sound a bit stupid but what does FRED mean?

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