ATR bassingbourn?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hendo24, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi i just confirmed my intake date however the officer stated that i was down to join ATR bassingbourn, i was wondering if i was correct in thining that that ATR was for junior entries and seeing as i`am 19 and applying to join the RE that there might be a mix up of some kind? thank you for any help
  2. now lichfield is closed down RE adult entries are at bassingbourn, im off there soon myself
  3. oh right thank you for the response i thought that RE basic training was being held at pirbright

    also the date i was given was the 22nd of september :S so long a wait!!!
  4. that was just the transition period to bassingbourn i think. yeh i had a long wait for my phase one after ADSC the first time, just spend lotsa time on your phys and dont DOAR when you get there, its a bitch
  5. Hendo I start phase 1 on 22nd september for the Royal Engineers... What trade are you hoping to do mate?
  6. should be joining as an electrician see you there mate
  7. I passed slection for the Royal Engineers on wednesday lads how long did it take the careers office to get you a date?
  8. i took almost 3 weeks untill i got my date however i only found out by contacting them , still havent heard from my recruitment officer about a date for the oath or anything so no idea when he will get in touch 8O
  9. my oath was 2 days before. don't threat its in their interest to get you in. welcome FRED's and don't embarass yourself or my corps!
  10. i got a letter from my AFCO about 3 days after i passed selection confirming my date... Im going in as a Carpenter. Cheggars, I might sound a bit stupid but what does FRED mean?
  11. Future Royal Engineer D........ something like that ?